This season, Alexander will return to the Metropolitan Opera, Staatsoper Hamburg, and Royal Opera House Covent Garden as Escamillo in Carmen, a role that he will also perform for his debut at the Dallas Opera. [5] Her daughter, Irina Emelianova, who emigrated to France in 1985, published a book of memories of her mother's affair with Pasternak. [1], Ivinskaya collaborated closely with Pasternak on translating poetry from foreign languages into Russian. Alterna una commossa austerità non priva di solennità ad un affettuoso paternalismo.” Ugo Malasoma for, “Elsa Airoldi “Bene, nell’assieme, i cantanti…Ad iniziare da Alexander Vinogradov, strepitoso Frere Laurent.” Corriere del Ticino, “Of the supporting cast top honors go to Alexander Vinogradov’ sonorous bass as younger than usual Frere Laurent…” Opera Britannia, “Molto interessante, sopratutto nelle frasi legate a mezza voce e nel registro centro grave, il Frere Laurent di Alexander Vinogradov”, “Eccelenti nei ruoli di contorno sia il dovizioso basso Alexander Vinogradov (Frere Lurent)….” Il Giornale, “The performance also featured the astonishing young talent of Alexander Vinogradov, whose penetrative bass tolled like the ringing of an ancient, Russian Orthodox bell.” Alfred Hickling for The Guardian, “A powerful message delivered with powerful performances here from both the RLPO and by the dual expressive forces of stand-in soprano Gal James and bass – or perhaps, given the surprising deep, chocolaty tones that emanated from the deceptively boyish exterior, double bass – Alexander Vinogradov. You may allow yourself to use assonances.". À titre d’exemple il tient la main armée de Faust pour frapper dans le dos un Valentin occupé à se libérer des diables qui l’assaillent de toutes parts au moment du duel. Et nous ne serons pas déçus. Eric Sabourin, Les Artsze, 18 September 2019, “Il y avait quelque chose de tellement humain dans la prestation de Vinogradov que, même sans les surtitres, le public aurait pu partager tout le drame, tout l’humour et toute la dévotion au peuple russe compris dans le texte du poète Evgueni Evtouchenko. Sein Mephistopheles besitzt das aalglatte Charisma, mit dem er über alles Irdische und Menschliche verachtend triumphiert. Le monologue de Malatesta est un beau moment de théâtre, et l’on espère retrouver prochainement cette grande et belle voix.’ Laurent Bury, Forumopera, “Alexander Vinogradov’s soft-grained bass is rock-solid and on magnificent form as Iolanta’s father, the protective King René, proving far stronger than the woolly Vitalij Kowaljow for DG.” Mark Pullinger, Gramophone, “während Alexander Vinogradov ein entwaffnend tonschöner König René ist, dessen vielschichtiger Charakter sich in den kunstvoll angeschlagenen Zwischentönen offenbart.” Benjamin Künzel,, ‘Alexander Vinogradov’s healthy, attractive bass, alertly applied, delivers a first-class René’ David Shengold, Opera News, ‘Stark und sängerisch der eindrucksvollste Charakter: Alexander Vinogradov als charmanter Bösewicht. The Funeral Service will be Tuesday, January 8 at 10 a.m. at Russian Orthodox Church Of Saints Illumed In Russia, 287 Jansen Road, Pine Bush, NY 12566, celebrated by Father Nikolai Babijtchouck. [5] In a 1958 letter to a friend in West Germany, Pasternak wrote, "She was put in jail on my account, as the person considered by the secret police to be closest to me, and they hoped that by means of a grueling interrogation and threats they could extract enough evidence from her to put me on trial. is a photograph by Alexander Vinogradov which was uploaded on December 20th, 2017. He has worked with many leading conductors including Gustavo Dudamel, Daniel Barenboim, Kent Nagano, Vladimir Jurowski, Lorin Maazel, Mariss Jansons, Zubin Mehta, Placido Domingo, Valery Gergiev, Philippe Jordan, Antonio Pappano, Semyon Bychkov, … Likewise, these characteristics can be found in the next song ‘By the Grave’ Op. Surely it filled every nook and cranny of the hall.” Earl Arthur Love for Concertonet, “Vinogradov was the star of the evening; one of those unforgettable singers like aliens who emit beautiful sounds the way other people cough. A staggering 8,200 of these six-axle mixed mainline and shunter locomotives have been produced, and many of them still operate in countries of the former Eastern bloc as well as places like Syria, Iraq and India, mounted on both standard gauge and Soviet broad gauge bogies. She married twice: the first time to Ivan Emelianov in 1936, who hanged himself in 1939, having one daughter, Irina Emelianova; the second time in 1941 to Alexander Vinogradov (later killed in the war), producing one son, Dmitry Vinogradov. Alexander Vinogradov Report. [1] She served four years of an eight-year sentence, apparently to punish her for the relationship. I Know This Much Is True Web Series was released on June 14, 2020. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever. ” David Fleshler for South Florida Classical Review, “The finest male voice on stage Friday may have belonged to the young Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov, whose Frère Laurent boasted a voice of huge proportions and a very attractive sound. Ensconced with a sexy bravado, M. Vinogradov has the right mix of pomposity in all the right places.” Christie Grimstad, concertonet, “As Escamillo, the toreador who woos Carmen away from the soldier, Alexander Vinogradov was an exuberant presence. Fred Cohn, Opera News, In fact, the only other member of the cast who rivaled Yoncheva’s fervent performance was Alexander Vinogradov as the scheming Count Walter, his basso cantante an elegant snarl in his tormented solo “Il mio sangue la vita darei” and various ensembles. The project was Prokofiev's second collaboration with Eisenstein, the first being the popular Aleksandr Nevskiy (1938). Mit Recht.”, “If one singer stands out from the rest of the cast, it’s Alexander Vinogradov. Surviving in addition to his wife, Bruna (Gregoretti) Vinogradov, are one daughter, Maria Desilets of Kingston, NY and five sons: Anatolie Vinogradov of Apex, NC, Ivan Vinogradov of Wallkill, NY, Dimitri Vinogradov of Kingston, Nick Vinogradov of Kingston, and Alexsei Vinogradov of Wallkill, NY; one daughter, Maria Desilets of Kingston; grandchildren: Dominic Charles Desilets of Catskill, NY, Sonia Bianca Desilets of Highland, NY, Natasha Desilets of NY, Michael Vinogradov of Apex, NC, Danielle Maria Piscioneri of Highland, NY, Bianca Rose Piscioneri of Highland, NY, Giavani Vinogradov of NY, Anastashia Vinogradov of NY, Caden Durant of NY, Giana Morgan of Highland, NY. Even in the long repeated notes of the music leading up to the marriage ceremony, his was an instrument on which every ear hung, and indeed he received a rapturous ovation at the curtain call.” Greg Stepanich for Palm Beach Chartspaper, “The great surprise of the performance was the singing of the Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov, who possesses a huge voice of Rene Pape-style strength and color. Scot Weir, Alina Gurina, Vladimir Chernov and Alexander Vinogradov  Marina Domashenko, Alexander Vinogradov, Constantine Orbelian, Evelina Dobraceva Soprano Ekaterina Siurina Soprano Justina Gringyte Mezzo-Soprano Daniil Shtoda Tenor Andrei Bondarenko Baritone Rodion Pogossov Baritone Alexander Vinogradov Bass Iain Burnside Piano, Los Angeles Philharmonic Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela Gustavo Dudamel Manuela Uhl, Julianna Di Giacomo, Anna Larsson, Charlotte Hellekant, Burkhard Fritz, Brian Mulligan, Alexander Vinogradov Schola Cantorum de Venezuela Schola Juvenil de Venezuela Coro Sinfónico Juvenil Simón Bolívar de Venezuela, Staatskapelle Berlin Daniel Barenboim Rolando Villazón, Marina Domashenko, Alexander Vinogradov, Norah Amsellem, State Opera Choir Staatsoper Berlin, Vinogradov, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Petrenko, G. James, A. Vinogradov Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Petrenko, Vinogradov, Bondarenko Gursenich Orchestra of Cologne Dmitrij Kitajenko, “La prestation de la sublime basse russe Alexander Vinogradov fut irréprochable et envoûtante. This energetic matador leapt onto a table at Pastia’s from which he sang his aria with strikingly resonant sounds” Maria Nockin,, “With his slim figure, strong baritone voice and machismo presence, Alexander Vinogradov is totally believable as the matador, Escamillo. After Pasternak's death in 1960, Ivinskaya was arrested for the second time, with her daughter, Irina Emelianova. Digital access or digital and print delivery. Christoph Zimmermannm Der neue Merker, ‘Der raumgreifende, wandlungsfähige Bass von Alexander Vinogradov als Mephisto: ein Ereignis.’ Dirk Aschendorf, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, ‘Ganz andere Facetten brachte Alexander Vinogradov als Méphistophélès in die Vorstellung ein. The Supreme Court of Russia ended up ruling against her on the ground that "there was no proof of ownership" and "papers should remain in the state archive". Un timbre au large spectre et un art du phrase impressionnant. The photograph may be purchased as wall art, home decor, apparel, phone cases, greeting cards, and more. Alexander Vinogradov, Russian Federation. Ivinskaya was rehabilitated only under Gorbachev in 1988. A light and controlled vibrato is perfectly suited to the subject of the work without adding any heaviness. Bravi anche tutti gli altri interpreti ed i mimi.” Renzo Bellardone for Palermo Mania, “Avec une voix d’une beauté peu commune, Aleksandr Vinogradov (Le prince Grémine), droit, majestueux, solennel fait entendre son air (certes une des plus belles pages jamais écrites par Tchaïkovski), dans un silence impressionnant. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever. Einfach hinreißend.” Christoph Zimmermann for Der Neue Merkur, “In der Rolle des Königs riss der russische Bass Alexander Vinogradov schon allein durch seine wuchtig-virile Autoritat mit; die hitverdächtige Pracht-Arie sorgte im (eher mäßig gefüllten) Saal für erste Ovationen.” Stefan Rütter for Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, “Alexander Vinogradov als König krönte seine Arie in einer Solokadenz im Kellerbass.” Olaf Weiden for Kölnische Rundschau, ‘…l’impressionnante basse russe Alexander Vinogradov, absolument éblouissant dans le rôle du grand prêtre Zaccaria.’ Didier Hemardinquer, Est Republicain, 27/11/2014, “La distribution vocale est quant à elle dominée par le russe Alexander Vinogradov qui dans le rôle du grand prêtre Zaccaria joue d’une voix de basse impressionnante. [12] However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the opening of Soviet archives, it became known that, like most torture victims, she had been induced to cooperate with the KGB.[13]. 13 in B-flat minor, op. Donations may be made to the church in his memory. Cremen kom i finalesatsen – bassen Alexander Vinogradov levede sig dybt ind i sin dødsrolle og skabte magi i salen med sin fyldige og fantastisk bløde klang. Sein Fiesco, Vater der von Boccanegra geliebten Maria, den er jedoch aufgrund dessen bürgerlichen Herkunft nie akzeptieren konnte, lässt sich für Intrigen gegen den Feind benutzen und verzeiht endlich, mit einer stimmlichen Inbrunst, die unter die Haut geht. All rights reserved. He will be missed always by his family and friends. She was released in 1953 after Stalin's death.

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