The hypothesis, which comes from the work of early 20th-century American linguists Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf, is already widely disputed in the world of linguistics, but the way the movie uses it is pure science fiction. That’s also why Louise glances at the bird before removing her hazmat suit to get a better look at the aliens—a move that is still pretty dangerous. All rights reserved. Needless to say, this story will be drenched in Arrival spoilers, so bail out now if you haven't yet seen the film. Just watched Arrival. Learning their language opens your mind up to stop seeing time linearly. Would her future be different? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TheArrivalMovie community, Press J to jump to the feed. This helps explain the answer to our next question. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. Speaking of which, what were Shang’s wife’s last words? 18 months into the future, Louise and Shang will meet face-to-face, and he will express gratitude for her work and efforts, which ended up convincing him … (This is called non-linear orthography.). In Ted Chiang’s original short story, the aliens are called Flapper and Raspberry, but the movie takes its alien-naming approach a little more seriously. Why not just send one? Louise then persuades Shang to call off his attack in the “present” by telling him what his wife’s dying words were and thus proving to him that the aliens’ language has taught her how to time-travel. It's been a few days since we caught up with Denis Villeneuve's fascinating and probing sci-fi drama Arrival, and we basically haven't stopped thinking about it since. But the other alien, Abbott, nobly sticks around long enough to deliver his part of the message that the aliens came to deliver in the first place. Plus, she’s the Chosen One, so there may also be also be a little bit of telepathy going on. Understanding heptapod is the tool, or "weapon," the aliens are trying to share with humanity, because they know they are going to need us later. 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Nope. Why send 12 ships, each with a separate piece of the message? Because the aliens themselves don’t experience linear time, their logograms can put words in any order without changing the meaning of the message. Which it is, as she's making the telephone call in the bunker to convince Shang to call off China's attack. Because of the canary in the coal mine. Years later, Louise finally tells Ian that their daughter is going to die, and he isn’t ready to hear it: Louise explains to her daughter that the girl’s father left because he thinks she “made the wrong choice.”. She could talk to a young person, who talked to a young person, and so on until she gets news from 3000 years in the future. I think they are a unified agent as a species, and want to unify with our own species as well. Needless to say, this story will be drenched in Arrival spoilers, so bail out now if you haven't yet seen the film. Aren't you really only seeing one POSSIBLE translation of a person's timeline? Arrival, which is based on Ted Chiang’s short story “Story of Your Life,” is about what happens when a group of 12 alien vessels appear around the world. Hannah is born, and eventually dies, in a future that hasn't happened... but one that Louise can "see" and understand because she can now translate heptapod. If the aliens can see the future, then wouldn’t they know that some rogue members of the American military were trying to blow up their ship? Er, not like this. At the end of the movie, when China is on the verge of launching an attack, Louise is able to “remember” a conversation she has in the future, in which General Shang offers his private phone number at a fancy party and tells her his wife’s dying words. The rewrite created a more cerebral and philosophical experience that now has the audience creating their own ending and offshoot stories. When Louise is interacting with the aliens at the beginning, how does she know she’ll be able to breathe when she takes her suit off on the aliens’ ship? And in the future -- like, 3,000 years in the future -- the aliens are going to need mankind's help... for an undetermined issue. By the end of the movie, we learn that heptapod eventually becomes our planet's universal language, and Louise (Amy Adams) has become a master instructor in the language. I thought she already had the ability to see through time, but maybe never understood it. In researching the heptapod language, it is explained that those who "speak" it can see the entirety of their own personal timeline, from start to finish, and their version of "free will" means that they CHOOSE not to change anything that is destined to happen. Being able to read or speak in heptapod means that you are able to see a person's entire timeline -- their entire Life Sentence -- from start to finish. But what about the chain? Just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything! The secret to Arrival ends up being language and communication, the ways that we speak to each other, and the different ways we can translate intent and meaning in words and phrases. As long as the bird keeps chirping, they know there’s no risk of poisonous gas or lack of oxygen. What was the other movie that it was similar to?

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