True Self Mode: After undergoing revolution in the hidden floor, Baam gained a better understanding of himself and his power. First Debut He became king through contractswith th… Or at the very least how long has it been since he started climbing the tower... anyone got an idea? Due to Baam's official victory over the Test Ranker Pan, he is now universally negatively viewed by Rankers, who are angry at him for making the Tower look down on them. Mental age is hard to gauge and if you are talking about physical age that would be pretty hard to say because age in Tower of God is really weird and Bam could easily be 6000 years old by the end of the story. do remember that bam was born thousands of years ago, killed, kept from rotting for centuries with a spell, then revived in the outside and apparently survived for thousands of years without aging or needing food or water. At least Tens of Meters with shinsoo techniques | Standard melee range. [Feel free to say why you like them and why they deserve a vote.] Zahard conquered the Tower with the Great Warriors and gained the control of the first 134 Floors from the Floor Guardians. (Response when put in a danger of death situation) ", (Denying the requirement of team members on the, (Thinking to himself while watching the other Regulars fight) ", (To Hwa Ryun, Kang Horyang, and Novick) ", (Talking to himself before fighting Yokim) ", (To Hoaqin while fighting him with the power of souls) ", (Blame to himself after the incident at the Name Hunt Station) ", (To his sworn enemy on the hidden floor) ", (Talking to himself before fighting Zahard's data) ", (Drawing a short line with his index finger, encouraging self-confidence) ", (To Androssi, Hockney, Hwa Ryun, Miseng, and Rak on the Last Station) ", (Talking about Ha Jinsung while crying) ", Meaning Twenty-Fifth Night, Night or Chestnut, Twenty-Fifth Bam, Bam, Jue Viole Grace (LINE Webtoon US), Twenty-Fifth Baam, Jyu Viole Grace (The Company). Vs. Kallavan If I had to guess I'd say mid 20s fits the bill. And he obviously wasn't 9 when he entered the tower... Well from time he was born and dead, to time he was revived, we don't really have the knowledge, he could be like thousands years old already in that cave. Well, biologically Bam is 10,000 years old, but if we're going off of the age he looks like (because of his revival) physically at the start of the series I would say he's 13-14 years old. Rank But I don't see why anyone would try to guess his age based on his looks. Based on that i would assume his body has grown for around 16 years. Shinsoo Quality: Shinsoo controlled by few special people contains special qualities. After the battle of the last station, he decided to return to FUG in order to become more powerful to track down Kallavan and prepare for the war against his army. In the previous version of TOG it was said that Baam was born on the night the Tower roared/cried or something like that. Gender Hair Colour So we know aging is slowed in the tower due to Shinsu, however we are never told Baam's age. With Power of Souls he has: Limited Spatial Manipulation (Arie swordsmanship involves warping space to attack from any angle), Skilled Swordsman (Copied the Arie Swordsmanship, which is a style said to be able to do anything with swords), Empowerment (Can imbue his sword with the Power of Souls), Weapon Creation (Can create weapons from the shinsoo, such as a sword), Resistance to the following: Soul Manipulation (Has multiple of dozens souls) and Empathic Manipulation (Can resist resentment, bitterness, fury, hatred or any kind of negative emotion from multiple vengeful souls), All previous powers and abilities, minus Empowerment, Weapon Creation, Skilled Swordsman and Limited Spatial Manipulation, but has Enhanced Senses (Can detect and see invisible objects), All previous powers and abilities, , Energy Nullification via Absorption (Dissipated Karaka's World of Darkness) Probably some age around 10/11/12/13 to 15 or 16. Baam has been noted by the God of Guardians to be similar to Zahard in his younger days, as he noted on how his conviction to gain power was similar to Zahard's own desire for power. Dozens of Meters with shinsoo techniques | Standard melee range. We know that Zahard became the ruler of the Tower a long time ago, and established the Zahard princess's system shortly after. Based on that i would assume his body has grown for around 16 years. So if the premise stayed the same, and a bit of the backstory, then it might be okay to assume that there was an event connected to his birth. What do you desire? Or something that surpasses all others? If you go by that estimation I expect him to be somewhere around 23-26 near the end of the story, If we’re talking physical appearance wise, urek is a perfect example, Dudes 28 in appearance and has been around since jahad and the rest FH’s entered, I gotta say tho I love the fact siu went out of his way to make a justification/reasoning as to why a 1000 or 400 year old character would look young asb, like he really put his whole foot into the process of shinsu and literally bringing into account when he says its literally “everything” in the tower that it literally means everything, and he also stated that people definitely will die eventually just at a very slow pace depending on how much shinsu u can handle/contain, Hell if we wanna get technical baam is actually just as old as the FH’s a few years probs after they finished the journey, just we don’t really take that into account often due to the fact he technically died and we don’t really know the time span of when he was revived and how long he actually was in that cave with Rachel, If you say bam's current age after revival then his age should be around khun's age or 1 year younger then khun. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Tens of Meters with shinsoo techniques | Standard melee range. Affiliations He is ambidextrous, but was taught to use his right hand more. Or at the very least how long has it been since he started climbing the tower... anyone got an idea? In this mode, Baam can create up to three Shinwonryu Orb. He was newly assigned to an Altar dedicated for conveying Zahard's Orders. I would speculate, only based on how big he seems, he was between 3 and 5 years together with Rachel before he entered the tower. 'that is here'. Those names will be added to the poll at the top of the page. i know it's another post but...... isn't baam's starting story a bit like deemo? Or something that surpasses all others? Name At least Kilometers with shinsoo techniques. Prior to passing Headon's test, he was deemed worthy of climbing the Tower. He was born very far in the past. However, V and Arlen, who wanted to keep climbing the Tower, began to criticise Zahard's decision as they believed that Zahard wa… If you concentrate a lot of a lot of power into a Baang, you get a ton of power when it explodes. On the secret floor after the fight with young Zahard the real Zahard shows up and recognizes Baam, he said something along the lines of "I recognise those golden eyes, I thought I killed you.". That's if the story ends with the death of Jahad. BRUH HOWD I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTED?!?!?!?! I've been rereading the series lately to refresh myself on all the characters and one of the things I've noticed is that Baam's and Rachel's age are never disclosed even though others are (at least in the wiki). Art. That is the main attraction of Shōnen. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I guess, this question is more of 'how long has Baam lived', not 'how long has Baam been alive'. Jun 4, 2020 - Bam & Khun | Tower of God (age difference AU) Jun 4, 2020 - Bam & Khun | Tower of God (age difference AU) Explore. A person can have more than one Shinsoo quality (like at least Electricity and Ice for Koon Eduan). Although I don't think we're going to see him physically age anymore past the age of 28. Evankhell's Hell Ages are pretty nuts in the tower as people age really slow and some don't age at all. Caveman What do you desire? Or something else that isn't so well known in the Tower, or maybe that idea was completely discarded. Although what is this about and how Baam formed those black needles, remains unexplained. Baam and khun and most of the main cast of regulars seem to be 18-25. How this works. SIU already stated that his age is a relevant part of the plot, so, he's probably wayy older than what we think. Charlie is a Ranker who was introduced at the end of the Hell Train Arc. While that was interesting in general a couple things caught my attention. He was trained by a High Ranker from the Ha Family, Ha Jinsung, although it is unknown what schools or types of arts he was taught by him. Mentally Bam would be around 100-200, he may have to wait a while to gain some strong forces or for the rest of his team to finish their climb. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Press J to jump to the feed. According to this Q&A, the royal family has stood for tens of thousands of years which means 30,000+ years and that would mean Baam is at least that old but given that he was dead for a period of time- we can only say that his body is that old and his mental age is significantly lower.. Then again according to this Q&A,SIU says there is no actual way to find out his real age. Shinsoo Manipulation: The act of handling Shinsoo externally to change the surroundings or to attack the opponent is called Shinsoo manipulation. Family If the cave is the Inner tower entrance, then Rachel just wanted to find the entrance and go up the tower, but somehow she knew Baam could open it. Position Well Thousands isn't so far fetched, since "because of a Zahard princess" Reflejo lost his sight and waited a thousand year as an E-rank regular. I mean his Birthday should be thousand of years ago. Power? Also with his mentality and knowing that the world is not a happy place, and losing that hero complex he had (thinking he can save everyone) 24-25 would be a good mental age to place him at. Hell Joe was so shocked as to why Baam has such power inside him, he said that the blue demon's power is equal to the power of the Guardian. Counter question: how old do you think he actually is at the beginning of the story? 쥬 비올레 그레이스 스물다섯번째 밤 Revenge? Tower of God (Korean: 신의 탑; RR: Sin-ui Tap) is a South Korean manhwa released as a webtoon written and illustrated by S.I.U. 二十五日 の 夜 (Nijūgonichi no Yoru) Prior to passing Headon's test, he was deemed worthy of climbing the Tower. Wave Controller[11] Male For the first Anne Zahard who lived about several hundreds years ago learned about him Weaknesses: The Thorn uses up Viole's stamina at a fast rate (was unable to tap into its power for more than a few minutes at most) | By activating the True Self Mode stacked to the First Thorn Ignition, Baam is only able to last only a few minutes in this transformation.

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