“Steve has shown great leadership by bringing his teams back from the ashes — that’s a real strength.”, What Lavin needed, Newell said, was “an older guy who could shape him into a better X-and-O guy, or if he’s not good on defense, a good defense guy. Once, when the Bruins took the court for a game against Gonzaga, he turned to an assistant to ask if the Zags played zone or man-to-man. ''Very.''). The winner of so many honors and championships that he cannot recall them all. '', In the mid-1980's, Mr. Curran coached perhaps the best high school player in the city, Kenny Anderson, a boy from a tough Queens background who became a basketball virtuoso the moment he stepped onto the court. teams should have been recognized along with the university’s 11 national championship teams with a banner of their own — as the first team to make the N.C.A.A. Barry Rohrssen Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Barry "Slice" Rohrssen (born June 6, 1960) is an American college basketball coach and the… 3. But the memories of Molloy drubbings endure. It can be said with certainty that the Red Storm at least got it half right. Over an egg-white omelette and coffee, he filled an hour with free-association banter peppered with references to a baseball star, a legendary college basketball coach and other sports luminaries he knows. The couple apologized for any inconvenience and assured guests that they would receive photographs of the wedding. fans, who he claimed found unacceptable anything less than annual trips to the Final Four. May 26, 2015 – Barbee, a North Central graduate, will make $375,000, the same as the assistant he replaced, Barry "Slice" Rohrssen, but a significant bump from the $150,000 Barbee made as special assistant to the head coach last season. And he'd say, 'Very.' Of course. I would never do that to you.' | Courtesy: The Cats' Pause Posted: Mon 5:39 PM, Apr 13, 2015 | … were his former high school or college teammates. Lavin, who was little more than a year removed from being a part-time assistant earning $17,000 a year when he was named the coach of U.C.L.A., one of college basketball’s most storied programs, spent a dizzying seven seasons there. ''And I never even played for him.''. Mr. Curran asked, his bony hands gripping an imaginary ball. ''Then 20 years later you get a letter thanking you. In the living room, Salvador Dalí prints of the Last Supper and the Crucifixion share the walls with LeRoy Neiman prints of sports figures. They say he whines too much to referees, uses his clout to play more games at home, and runs up the scores against weaker opponents by keeping his best players in the game. all-star who played for Lavin during his two years in college, to remark on a return to Pauley Pavilion that his U.C.L.A. Rumors have been circulating out of Pittsburgh Neil Olshey loved job he did w/…, https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/kentucky/2014/05/07/kentucky-bumps-pay-basketball-assistants-payne-robic/8800591/, May 7, 2014 – Payne will make $500,000 annually and Robic will get $375,000, the same as newly hired assistant Barry "Slice" Rohrssen, whose contract…, https://www.cardiachill.com/2015/4/4/8343369/barry-rohrssen-st-johns-red-storm-kentucky-wildcats-john-calipari-pitt-basketball-chris-mullin, Apr 4, 2015 – Rohrssen, the former Pitt assistant, seems to have a pretty good gig with the Wildcats working with John Calipari, making a base salary of about…, https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-basketball/news/kentucky-assistant-kenny-payne-becomes-a-million-dollar-man-with-new-contract-ncaa-basketball/z9bfidgl7rk71hwmwsroki8wc, May 7, 2014 – New assistant coach Barry Rohrssen, hired to replace Orlando Antigua after … That impressive salary, along with the prestige of the Kentucky…. 1-ranked Stanford. – Rumble In The …, 8. An applicant's athletic ability is no longer considered in the admissions process, which means that a fair number of Molloy stars of the past would not be admitted today. The winter sun had yet to cast its weak light upon the row houses of Port Chester, but Mr. Curran was already standing among the handful at the 6:45 Mass at Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church, rocking slightly at a pew's far end. as an assistant schooled in the art of hard-nosed, man-to-man defense. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One summer, he left the recruiting circuit to fly to Boston to watch baseball’s All-Star Game at Fenway Park. At a high school tournament near Seattle, while coaches and scouts sat in the bleachers taking notes on prospects, Lavin watched the games from the side, pedaling away on an exercise bike until he was soaked with sweat. ''Play zone!'' 1-ranked Arizona in the Pacific-10 tournament. Slice has major ties in the New York area, and immediately made Kentucky a factor for Top-10 rising senior Cheick Diallo. bench to talk fundamentals with a scrawny All Hallows player. But his baseball career had more curves than fastballs. ''You get your thoughts in order, you say some prayers, stuff like that.''. Mr. Curran defended himself by saying that sometimes his substitute players were better than the other team's starters, and would try to prove themselves by running up the score even more. Before that game in the Bronx, he invaded the opposing team's locker room to compliment the players of All Hallows, his alma mater, class of '48, on how well it had played against a league powerhouse in a recent loss -- ''though I can't really root for you today.'' During that season and for years after graduation, Mr. Curran helped steer the Martinez family through the health care maze, called in favors from doctors he knew, got tickets for basketball games and publicized the young man's need for a kidney. '', Being ''just Jack'' means many things. If he has regrets about not moving to the college level -- or about not making the major leagues, or about not having children of his own -- he keeps them to himself. The coach placed a call. But when his team was six points down with seven seconds left in the game, he was on his feet, shouting that his boys had plenty of time, plenty of time. But sustaining success eluded Lavin, who was personable and outgoing, a charismatic ambassador but one who often gave the impression he did not seem to enjoy the actual work that accompanied his job. The Archbishop Molloy High School of 2003 is a lot different from what it was in 1958. Ray Nash, who coached at Bishop Ford High School in Brooklyn for 36 years, remembered a game in which Ford was losing to Molloy by 40 points with less than two minutes to play -- and Mr. Curran's stars were still on the court, including Kenny Anderson. https://www.kentucky.com/sports/college/kentucky-sports/uk-basketball-men/article44569467.html, Apr 13, 2015 – Barry ‘Slice’ Rohrssen reportedly will make $450,000 a year at St. John’s. -- with that saying of St. Francis of Assisi he carries: ''Preach the Gospel every day and when necessary, use words.''. (''Are you polite?'' Later, after a basketball team of his lost for the 307th time, Mr. Curran gathered his players again in the locker room and gently discussed all the mistakes made. tournament without a coach. A few years ago, a Molloy player, Gerardo Martinez, became ill with lupus. A native of Brooklyn, New York, he was named the 22nd head coach in Manhattan basketball history on April 25, 2006. Kentucky bumps pay for basketball assistants Payne, Robic, 11. The Bruins had lost to the Wildcats by a total of 71 points in two previous meetings. ''I figured, aah, the heck with it,'' he said. 1. ''It's all because of Coach Curran,'' he said as he sat in the All Hallows rafters, looking down at a silver-haired man surrounded by boys. How it is now just him and his younger sister, Helen, out of all the Currans. Faith and sport: the twin themes of Jack Curran's life. After breakfast, he returned to the modest apartment where he lives alone; he never married. A little more than a month before Steve Lavin, with John Wooden as his best man, was to marry the actress Mary Jarou at an exclusive cliffside resort in Laguna Beach in 2007, several hundred wedding guests received an e-mail message from the couple. And he received credit for toughening up the Bruins during their national championship run in 1995. Gradually, the drumbeat of bouncing basketballs gave way to the almost metronomic thump of a single ball: game time. But Mr. Curran is above such talk; with the entitlement of age and success, he does what he wants. Many players felt similarly about Lavin, but they liked him personally, and many said those relationships were a reason they seemed to play best when Lavin was under fire. Barry "Slice" Rohrssen is leaving Kentucky to become the associate head coach at St. John's University. Stacked beside a favorite chair are copies of ''Why I Am a Catholic,'' by Garry Wills, and a biography of Sandy Koufax, the great Dodgers pitcher. After St. John’s made overtures to Billy Donovan and Paul Hewitt, its mission was clearly to make a splash, to land a big-name coach. And John Martinson, who played for Mr. Curran, played at Georgia Tech, and is back at Molloy, teaching and coaching. He stopped for breakfast at a diner in Rye, the Westchester town that his family moved to from the Bronx in the late 1940's. For 45 springs he has gone out into the March rawness to hit ground balls to shivering boys, and was even pitching batting practice until two years ago (''Johnny Curran, a 6-foot 3-inch red-headed right-hander,'' on the mound again). Then there is this coach, rooted in the floorboards of the old and durable New York Catholic High School Athletic Association. ''I wasn't anywhere near the major leagues.''. Mr. Curran reached into a closet for a leather-bound album, the kind often used for wedding photos or baby pictures. Of course, came the answer. This whirligig of gestures and shouts was long ago rechristened the Legendary Jack Curran. Finally, there was that rainy night in the place he calls ''KWEE-bec City,'' when he slipped on the mound and hurt his back. coach, on Tuesday when he agreed to a six-year contract worth at least $9 million. Reports: Barry Rohrssen out at St. John’s? Use his name in the title of your fund-raising event -- a golf outing for Catholic athletics, a three-on-three tournament for a cash-poor Catholic school -- and watch the money come in. The ESPN analyst Steve Lavin will be the next coach at St. John's. ''He finds a way psychologically to keep you on your toes. In an ancient gym in the Bronx, the scent of the slam-dunk present mingled with whiffs of the set-shot past, and the rubber soles of boys squeaked like hungry gulls against the hardwood. Other times, he said, he has ordered his team to pass the ball 10 times before taking their first shot, to slow things down. One-and-done: Barry ‘Slice’ Rohrssen leaves UK to join staff at …, 5. Some of the school's alumni said they sensed that Mr. Curran and his duffel bag of lessons have less of a place now at Molloy; that the administration was subtly nudging aside the man responsible for much of the school's publicity and financial support. (''So anyway, B. J. Surhoff came from here; I wonder if this is half-and-half; I like half-and-half; so I called Dean Smith and told him to send up the baseball coach to see this kid.''). What's more, the current president of Molloy, Brother Richard Van Houten, chooses not to attend any of the school's sporting events. The next season, after losing to Ball State and Pepperdine, they upset No.

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