Take the Animaniacs, for example- there was a final episode for them. Something that will pay off as The Beast Bendy is caught by the reel. He does it because he hears Allison singing, not realizing that he is painting ink messages on the wall. (Like the Demon and Angel path, maybe there will be signs or something like that). I don’t know if it’s unintentional, or intentional for a completely different reason, but the similarities between his eyes and the eyes of the androids sent by Cyberlife…. The glowing text… the golden orbs that rose from the ink… that’s Joey. Where he talks to his old friend and tells him that he has a perfect family but is concerned that he has an empire in ruins. Once all of this is done, Henry gets to Joey's apartment. Keep your eyes peeled, everybody! Clicking the spoon opens the door of a hidden bathroom and using the special glasses Henry can see “You’ll need this” Look for the Boris poster in the Butcher Gang place near Joey’s room and walk through it. @cosm-ixx The Silver Screen!!! She says “Tell me another one, Uncle Joey.” Tell me another story. After all, all of the ink we saw must come from something and somewhere, right? Maybe it’s in a fight, where we would let them fight and kill the ennemy without doing anything. She promises to come back telling Tom to keep an eye on Henry. What is bendy and […], Preface Bendy and the Ink Machine quickly became one of the more popular games in the category of puzzle action and survival horror video games. Dylan has a passion for PC games of all kinds since he was a kid. You’ll have to try a few times, they say some glitches prevent you to get the achievement. There is a metal grid in the middle of the room, screens on the walls and also control panel with a valve that you need to turn. (This is because the achievement says “walk more”, and that is the way to the left). We recommend that you start feeling something similar to fear or better yet, prepare to go through an uncertain stretch full of surprises and mystery. Welcome! There is nothing really important to say about this one. Use the special glass to see where the arrows on the floor lead, it will take you back to the room with where Sammy’s last record was. We arrive at the last chapter of Bendy and the ink machine. TV, phone, computer, etc.. After all, when a tv has no channel, it looks like this. That and his creations are pretty pissed at him all the time. Goldbricking – Let the others do the work. Being killed by a strange and strong light coming from the projector. That means that Joey is the one who wrote all of the glowing text on the walls. This will happen a few times, so you must hit the hand and proceed until coming at the Lost Harbor. Thomas Connor said “To Hell and Back” in an audio tape, in chapter 3, but i can’t think of a possible link.

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