Let’s say that there’s something you wish you handled differently with that client, and now he wants his money back. I’ve had my share of situations like these and I’ve learned to protect my company from mid-project changes which seem to make clients turn into... not so pleasant people. I usually take a 10% deposit and its alot easier for me to say no way if someone were to ask for the deposit back, and its more likely for them to understand with a smaller amount. I told him that I will not start the work until colors are chosen. After that, I would make sure that I got a good web design and web development contract template in which I would include this clause I mentioned above. It’s ok. Contract or no contract, pay the money back as soon as possible, forgive yourself and move on. Even if their only problem is that they don’t like the design proposal - which is a purely subjective thing - the agency should not allow its clients ask for their money back based on subjective feelings. We’ve had some clients who suddenly, for no apparent reason, wanted out of the contract. This is a simple rule we’ve learned early. We always aim to get some reply from the client and we make them at least confirm that they’ve seen our work. I hope you at least did not leave the print design with her to use now for free? BankersOnline is a free service made possible by the generous support of our advertisers and sponsors. Until we make Simpfinity ready, read our exclusive email articles and our blog about organizing digital agencies. The customer has an endorsement stamp that reads the name of the business and "for deposit only". whether they’ve started work or not. Looking at a worse case situation where the contractor no longer wants to work with you and is prepared to fight: Hiring a lawyer will mean you will pay almost all the money the contractor took as a deposit for legal fees, win or lose. If the contract does not allow her to cancel, then you have been damages if you refused work due to the pending contract. Come join the discussion about the industry, trades, safety, projects, finishing, tools, machinery, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! It is important to keep the communication open if you want to win back your customers’ trust. Maybe not. This is a clear case in which a contract would protect the agency. If you do you need to read about how a customer contract is worked out. Thanks guys, this is something i can learn from and do things differently down the road. also figure, the guy may be a dick, but hes a realtor, word of mouth goes a long way, if you did some work, but not 3k worth, take out a fair amount that you feel your entitled too.....just what id do.

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