When it comes to making a gun purchase, I’m not going to consider the politics of the corporation, I’m not buying that, I’m buying a gun. But with its short barrel and adjustable-length arm brace, the DDM4 PDW is a cool looking firearm…as cool as an AR pistol can be. Here’s some reviews of different AR15 platforms on this site. With the brace extended, the pistol is 24.75 inches long. Daniel Defense equips the DDM4 PDW with a number of upgraded features like Daniel’s ambidextrous GRIP-N-RIP charging handle which is designed for shooting with a suppressor. At first, I thought maybe the DDM4 PDW didn’t like subsonic ammo without a suppressor installed, but it ran just fine with Federal’s 220-grain American Eagle OTMs as well as a few other subsonic rounds. But even then I’d rather have a traditional brace with a Law Tactical folder. He was no match for either DD – accuracy, FTE/FTF, trigger reset, etc – and he used my lead sled. Nearly two grand for a pistol that wouldn’t even be able to shoot across my back yard. Some companies, like LaRue Tactical, take that to extremes, making their own barrels, as well as injection molded stocks and other parts as well. With its pistol-length gas system, there were no failures to feed, extract or eject no matter the ammo tested. One of the guys actually aimed and was able to shoot a 4-inch group at 7 yards. All that said, any weapon system is sufficient if you can hit where you are aiming. I can’t really blame him. 4. I can see carrying a top of the line daily carry for $1,000 as opposed to a 400-600 carry gun but for a 300 blk out AR pistol? “Build one yourself for a whole lot less $.”. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/gun-review-wilson-combat-300-hamr/ In addition, you get a full complement of Daniel Defense furniture, which includes their awesome SLiM Rail, buttstock, pistol grip, and magazine. Then I made their day when I handed them each a full 30-round magazine and told them to have fun. A SBA3 or SBA4 is a much better brace in almost every way. Uppers, lowers, BCGs, some stock and some small parts. At the turn of the 21st century, firearms enthusiast and lifelong shooter, Marty Daniel, had multiple concepts and designs he thought would greatly improve his M16 rifle. Neither one of us are considered a marksman, but the superior platform was evident. Here’s another of my targets — this time a 20-shot group fired from the same rest at 50-yards — proving that in addition to a good self-defense tool, the Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW is a shooter as well. Like above comments I too have a similar build for a third the cost and put 3,500 trouble free rounds through it last year between plinking and taking courses with it. Just saying…. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! That’s one big difference between guns like DD makes and other budget guns. Style * * * * The pistol ate pretty much everything I fed it with the exception of two subsonic loads: Hornady’s 208-grain Black A-MAXs and HSM’s 220-grain SMKs. That has to be one big backyard. Same goes for the politics of a gun manufacturer. Producing the famed DDM4V7 rifle, Daniel’s Defense has now produced an AR pistol variant – the DDM4 300 Blackout Pistol.

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