The Envy is a big seller every Black Friday, as seen by bumps in the line just before each “January” marker. Luckily, we kept a fairly steady trickle of them in stock, making the Zone a steady best-seller on the chart in 2020. The Zone was the putter that really clicked for me. Posted by. View infinitediscs’s profile on Instagram, View infinitediscs’s profile on Pinterest, View UCx6mJBjducOT73gM7d4ZBEw’s profile on YouTube. The same Pro who may have contributed to the Harp’s demise, was now bringing the Pig to light. They do most of the same stuff but just feeeeel different. Won't beat in hardly at all because it's soft too. Definitely agree on the A2, it's definitely better than the Zone in my experience. I just can't get a handle on flicking a mid or putter very well so my go to is still a Z force, even for short shots. From the chart, we can see that the Harp started to decline in sales in early 2018, with not much recovery until early 2019. You do you! A really overstable mold that isn't very fast and when I learned to control my distances has helped tremendously with FH approaches. But there are thousands of different discs and it’s just impossible to try them all. Dynamic Discs Judge. Sticks where it hits, no better approach disc. Not by much. Great disc. This is a very overstable putter that is good for headwinds, strategic fades, forehand throws, flick putts, and slamming into chains at just the right angle. Stability is about the same, but the Jawbreaker Zone is def less overstable than any Harp or Zone in a different plastic. Disc golfers are sheep. The new runs of 750 A2 are flat, just a tad gummy so touch shots are a dream, and very overstable. Ricky Wysocki threw the Harp until 2019, helping the sales stay high. It's shallower and more overstable in all my experiences. add in a little skip magic and approaches suddenly become an asset rather than a liability. One in Jawbreaker plastic that will beat in to an excellent driving putter and one in Z FLX or Cryztal FLX for overstable goodness! While the Zone popularity was surging, Covid-19 and Brody Smith came along and added fuel to the fire. Haven't tried the others. Go with what you like and get yourself an Westside Anvil :P. Definitely Zone. Let’s see how it all panned out: The Envy (yellow line) started off strong, with a big surge during 2017’s Black Friday sale. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, HTX - Red Discs Are Faster - Prodigy Geek. That's why it won the battle over the Harp. I wondered just how much impact was made by signing on new team members, notably the Paul and Paige scoop from Discraft. I bag a harp and a pig. Stability is about the same, but the Jawbreaker Zone is def less overstable than any Harp or Zone in a different plastic. You see Ricky parking the basket with a harp, you buy a harp. I have heard a lot of good things in both of those. We are going to look at data from September 2017 to August 2020. Boston, MA, RHBH l /r/bagtag #75 l South Shore Disc Golf l . For forehand flick approach shots exclusively. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, RHBH Team Trilogy, will critique form for food. Nobody threw the Pig until Ricky started using it. Zone is slightly better in my experience. Today we are looking at sales data for the Zone, Harp, Envy, and Pig! Archived. I had both and both lost to a tactic/razor claw. It is closer to the zone than a harp is IMO and was PP’s approach disc before switching to discraft. As a Discmania fan, I was hoping the Tactic was going to be Zone replacement, but I didnt win either. I'm looking an overstable apporch disc and i was going to buy Harp but then i run in the Zone and i'm confused which one ia better. DD Suspect is similar to a straighter Zone/Harp at high speeds but thrown at low speeds behaves similarly. The Envy has always been a consistent seller; it is a go-to disc in most MVP/Axiom bags. 3 years ago. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Zone is good too, but I like baseline plastic for mids and putters, and BT Medium is much better than any discraft baseline stuff, IMO. The Streamline Stabilizer is also a great option if you like the Zone's stability but you want a hair more depth in the rim. I prefer the zone. Zone is shallower and just a touch more overstable. We would get them in stock and they would sell out the next day. The Zone gave me a more consistent flight and since it's much slower I don't worry about it zooming past the basket. Your email address will not be published. Wish DD hadn’t discontinued it. Prodigy A2 is very popular for this shot as well, but I have no experience with the disc. We also released some special Pig Stamps in 2019 and 2020, causing some small spikes in sales. Let us know in the comments below! Hey everybody, I'm busy at work this morning so today's thread is gonna suck a little bit. (Source: have all three on my desk). Your email address will not be published. Personal preference. 3 years ago. I’m saying there has to be a way to evaluate discs when you can’t try them all. The problem I had with using faster discs for shorter shots is that I would often overshoot the basket, or the disc would dump. The Zone became a Paul McBeth Signature Disc, which made it very popular, and consequently, harder to purchase. That said I know a guy that throws Nukes for all his FH upshots and is amazingly good at parking them under the basket, so your approach has some merit. New Zuca Cart Accessory – Power Pocket Pouch, Introduction – Dallin Blanchard & His Signature Tomb, Focus Friday – Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder, Best Selling MVP, Axiom, & Streamline Discs – October 2020 Edition. MVP / Axiom always get a huge surge on Black Friday, with everybody buying new limited edition stamps and discounted discs. Get it in soft and it will be the most overstable. The Zone was suddenly a harder commodity to purchase. I absolutely love the Judge. Available plastics: Pro D, ESP, FLX Z, Jawbreaker, Z (McBeth Signature) Flight Rating:3, 3, 0, 3 The harp is glider and straighter. Pig Today we are looking at sales data for the Zone, Harp, Envy, and Pig! So which one is better? I think it is going to replace the Harp and Ringer GT currently in my bag as approach disc.

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