I naturally started the NC rule, that’s just how I am, breakup for me means that’s it. Some will have a long-term relationship history with a lot of great memories and important experiences embedded into it and some won’t. I’d never trust him again. We were together for 9 months, we have a lot of amazing memories together and a really deep connection + deep love. Hi Nicki so you reaching out to the other girl is going to have made you the enemy. So my ex cheated on me with a girl he had been friends with for about 3 years. The next process that we see a lot of exes with dumper’s remorse go through is the idea of opportunity cost. These people are like pogo sticks – they jump from one relationship to the next to the next looking for that initial high of the honeymoon period. So just be very guarded. I have more questions, but I can't remember the rest. I am now on day 4 of no contact and I really need advice. We had no baggage whatsoever just remorse and guilt for me while he is dealing with confusion and loneliness. The dumpee can actually overcome the break up psychology cycle by stopping their natural reaction, eventually allow them to work things out with the dumper. So some people will feel regret and some won’t. I don't know if it's impulse or trying to keep my mind busy. Also, on 2 occasions he took a break and came back claiming he never doubted the relationship but was exhausted and needed the space for himself. First, we need to understand how long it takes people to start having regrets. It’s also well-known that, as time goes by and the honeymoon period wears off, they start to realize that maybe the grass was actually greenest right where they were. In total we have been together 4 years but about 2 years ago we broke up for about 8 weeks. Again, I'm just generally speaking, I know it depends on why the break up happens, but is there some type of general psychology that goes on between the dumper and the dumpee? How long should my NC be? we decided to work things out & all & like he told me he accepted me for who i am as a person & all. Do you attend school or college together? He would isolate himself from the whole world, I knew it was coming and part of the process that’s why I tried to help him for quite a long time despite the fact that I was also really focused on my career. This process of considering whether to end a relationship can take weeks to decades, during which time this stress and dread anticipating the end can be occurring. No Contact, as much as it feels wrong, works wonders and it does great things for you too if you stick with it! After you go dumped, have you tried to get back with your ex by calling them over and over again in the hopes that they will give you another chance? I don’t know what to do anymore. You have to kill that in order to heal yourself.. As far as breadcrumbs go, I can't speak for myself because that hasn't happened to me and I sure as hope/pray it doesn't. Work on yourself in this time on your Holy Trinity and use isolation as a time to work on your attempts to be the best version of yourself. It’s certainly something we often see on the Facebook support group. I want to re-emphasize that, it's to help them, not you. If he has got mental health issues he is going to need to do what is best for him to feel better, Hello, Please i am looking for some advice. I've noticed a pattern here, especially with most recent ones.

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