Back Door Feng Shui – Does It Really Matter? It might. In 2020, in order to benefit from the positive energy of Flying Star 9, display in the west area one or more of the following activators: The north side of your house is occupied by Flying Star 3, which is correlated to bad luck, lawsuits, disputes, defamation and money loss. If you develop an intelligent and logical approach to feng shui, I know you will really enjoy applying it and actually see good results. To correct this you can weaken the Water feng shui element of the North by replacing the feng shui Earth element decor. With its unique, detailed illustrated table, our Feng Shui tips for 2020 are packed with useful information from which you should be able to apply a good Feng Shui to your home, garden or office. This Flying Star is especially favourable for Dog and Pig natives and for those with Kua number 6. It indicates you seek love. Avoid the Fire’s energy in this space! We have gone to a great extent to make sure the information is correct, but it should not be taken as a substitute for expert advice by Feng shui experts. I know it does for me. Also, check how to fix blocked chi at your home using Mirrors.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'fengshuitricks_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_0',114,'0','0'])); How do you use a feng shui compass? Between the two environments, there is a permanent exchange of substances, energies and signals, which is based on the stimulus-response principles and it is conducted according to the cyclical rhythms. Use 10 in case it is 0. The reason is that every book that talks about Feng Shui and directions talk about how to determine auspicious(lucky) directions for the house, that will bring peace. In the traditional Feng Shui discipline (The Form and Compass School), the human body is considered an interface between its specific internal environment and the ambient, external environment. According to Feng Shui, placing cactus or bamboo on the study table is believed to absorb the negative energy around the table. Free astrology and occult services by Feng Shui uses the Flying Star analysis by using the data related to your home facing directions and the year in which construction of your house was completed. Chances are you are facing your bad luck direction. The pictures of the people you admire in the professional field can add significant value to your success area. Once you know your feng shui Kua number, you can easily find your lucky and unlucky feng shui directions, and do your best to use them at home and in the office. Feng Shui is not a miracle that gives you special powers that assure success in your life. It represents energy, transformation, passion, desire, and rage. If the harmony energy is residing in the bedroom, we can paint a wall in red, we can have red decorative objects and bed linen and blankets can have the following colors: red, green, blue, yellow, grey, brown and orange. Also represents power, authority, wealth and high rank. As for the other approach to feng shui, the one driven by superstition or fear, know that it never works, so it is wise to forget about it. Our site uses cookies. KUA Number 1 Feng Shui four Bad / Inauspicious / Unlucky Directions & KUA 1 tips & remedies. We can wear a medallion with the image of an animal from the Chinese zodiac, if we face a penalty year or if, for ten years, the animals from our destiny and those from the period we are going through are in collision. It is opposite to your home’s facing direction. The Celestial Star leaves its mark especially on the Goat and Monkey natives and on people with Kua/Gua number 2. How To Fix Bad Feng Shui Directions (A-Z Exclusive Working Tips). For this reason, the Southeast side is an excellent sector to use in case you want to move up the professional hierarchy or if you want to gain recognition and appreciation for your career achievements. Kua number is a system in which everyone is assigned a specific number according to their sex. If possible, position your bed so that the crown of your head is directed toward one of your lucky feng shui directions. A lucky Feng Shui direction refer to the auspicious direction that gives you a more favorable energy that will benefit you. Designed to safeguard your wealth and possessions, Place it in the Center of the house to avert misfortune in the Year of the Pig 2019, for elevating status in career, and thus a great fame and success enhancer. While Northwest is the most favored travel direction for this year. If you were born after it skips this step. How To Find Feng Shui Unlucky Directions? The study rooms in the North West direction aren’t considered well. For Child’s study room East is considered to be the most stable direction. And the ancient art of Feng Shui can encourage fulfillment throughout each aspect of their life to make them happier. Moreover, this flying star is also representing arts and literature. In 2020, to counteract the influence of Bad Luck Star, place in the Eastside one or more of the following remedies: The Northwest of the Lo Shu square is considered the sector of prosperity. Colors associated with wood elements are Green and purple. 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs. Still confused? How to Use Rose Quartz Crystal in Feng Shui? As the name suggests, the Earth element signifies safety and strength. Since these directions boost their energy. Utilizing techniques of lucky directions only maximizes your potential. The nine energies governing the space where the human being lives or works belong to the Big Dipper. The images of your financial and success goals should be placed in the direction of your vision in places. The children are the eternal source of happiness in the families. If your birthday comes before the Chinese Lunar New Year, subtract one from the obtained number. Thus, by using a compass, we can identify the cardinal points and directions, but the measurements must be made outside, not inside the house, due to the interference of the electronic devices. Find my top recommendation if you need to buy. One of the Feng Shui cure for unlucky direction is to weaken the unlucky element and replace the correct element. The water that flows away represents things that you do not need in your life anymore. Reply. To find your lucky feng shui directions, first, you have to know your Kua number. Once you know your Kua number, finding your lucky and unlucky directions will be a breeze. The people born under the Rabbit sign and those with Kua/Gua number 3 seem to be the most influenced by this Flying Star. The season is summer, and the. Awards, Degrees, Certifications all the things that motivate you can be placed in this field. To attract luck, we need a Feng Shui analysis of 2020, of the house or office and to properly apply the remedies. Hi Pam, The first choice is to avoid the bed before you think about the better direction. Next, ... What is my best option and possible Feng Shui cure? The actual front direction can differ in regard to its structure and geometric location. Another near-perfect addition to this field can be success magazines related to your professional area. How To Use A Feng Shui Compass For Correct Reading? Let us know if you liked the post. I have an easy chart for you to help find this info without the necessary calculations.

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