Healing from his abilities is low, which can make it hard to actually make the most of said utility without external support, especially if the tank is taking lots of damage.

ATK. Can reraise allies and provide massive HP/MP restoration to single targets. Is Charlotte a better pull than Folka or Zeno? Seriously, you rated her the same as Ayaka: that’s clearly wrong. or Custom Goal Custom Goal: Skill stack. Has ludicrous survivability vs. magic damage, even beating out many actual magic tanks. Can also use fire/wind, at a slight damage loss. Finally, I like that this gives people a quick look at the state of their unit - they don't need power rankings out to 20 decimal places - they need to know if the unit is Top of the Meta, In the Meta, Falling Out of the Meta, or Trash, and this handles that beautifully. Has a version of Entrust that works with W-Ability. Has AoE heals/MP restoration, at the cost of LB gauge. She also packs the best non-healing white magic in the game (Full-life, Dispelga and Reraise) which, with a F2P equipment, Holy Wand, gives her even more utility, if everything else wasn't enough. Maximize. For instance : LB_P_DAMAGE_MULTICAST for physical LB (they are not affected by DW). It is. Can provide breaks and significant elemental resistance buffs starting on T2.

Support unit with strong buffs and breaks on T1. Dark physical finisher with extreme suicidal tendencies. Physical chainer that also provides breaks.

So if you are comparing two similar units (like chainers or breakers) you can see how much they bring. Can AoE break ATK/MAG by 70%, but this ability is on a cooldown. Build a unit ; Parameter challenges; Unit. After a great discussion, I've decided to move Sylvie to S tier.

However, this makes her very sensitive to deaths, as the mod boosts will go away if she dies. Buffer with access to significant general mitigation buffs. Relies on a random unlock to unlock her strongest skill, but the odds aren't all that bad. Physical/magical cover tank that can also provoke.

Welcome to the FFBE War of the Visions Tier List for UR units. Please be candid with your feedback, I'd like to transform this into a valuable resource for the community! Without any delay, jump right in: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ckp03jvw1Kqr_rdkWSHOa5iRl1EySp3ARUUUO5TI2dg/edit?usp=sharing. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. However, your argument about Sylvie's relative power for new players is really solid. For ease of use, pre-set custom formula can be found on the custom formula popup. Water/wind physical chainer with high innate evasion. I have to disagree with most of it. ('MAX' for max chain multiplier) (calculate it on FFBE-Chain) Force element. You can use this WOTV FFBE Tier List when creating new accounts for rerolling or to decide into which FFBE WOTV units you want to invest resources. Can also chain with wind, which is noticeably weaker, or with several other elements, which are drastically weaker but could be useful in certain situations. Has ludicrous survivability thanks to his upgraded.

These ratings are only for the NV and 7★ versions of units. Has a fairly bare-bones kit by healer standards. Can buff all stats by 180%, all elemental resists by 80%, and general mitigation by 50%. Can provide 60% AoE breaks, AoE mirage, AoE LB fill rate, single target imbues, single target LB fill, and some minor AoE MP sustain. This is again because of my belief in future potential. User Info: armondo86.

Can buff himself with 10 stacks of mirage every turn while in his base form, making him largely immune to physical attacks.

Can also use wind or earth at a moderate damage loss. His damage relies heavily on unlocking his latent abilities.

Very unusual in that his damage comes almost entirely from damage over time effects, meaning that he doesn't work as a finisher (and his damage as a chainer is not worth mentioning). Wiki Index F.A.Q. What I mean with this is that the units you brought as dedicated breakers will have more turns to chain, generating LB crystals (which usually unlock their stronger breaks) or Esper orbs (for those annoying missions, or poor Morgana if you use her eheh). Can provide 2-stack AoE mirage, 250% stat buffs, and high physical mitigation (30% on demand, 70% on a cooldown).

MP. Some of her better utility, though, such as AoE general mitigation and AoE ailment immunity, is in her low-damage base form and stuck on a multicast that does not include her strong damage dealing abilities, meaning she can't make good use of those skills without losing large amounts of damage. Again, sorry for the long reply and really appreciated your work. Sylvie, That’s to say nothing of her unique strengths, Need to heal status effects AND protect against them? Also has a 70% AoE full break, albeit on a very long cooldown. Congratulations! Suffers from severe gearing issues due to being a TDH LB mage. Can buff several elemental resists by 70%. Can also function as a finisher, although his hits are spread out and may not fit well into many chains. Damage drops significantly while maintaining breaks, so you typically have to choose which to focus on. Can buff the party's physical mitigation by 30%. Can alternately be used as a not-so-great buffer. Can bring stat buffs, partial ailment immunity, break immunity, and charm immunity. Buffer who specializes in magic mitigation. Requires some ramp up time to hit peak damage. A newer or intermediate player could get such a massive boost from Sylvie. His rotation can be somewhat awkward to work with, and he lacks much of the standard healer utility, so replacing your healer with him has drawbacks. Magic chainer with several elements to choose from. I'll have to think about it. The problem with numbers tier list is that it's very hard to value flexibility, I really think Sylvie deserves an S tier for being the best jack of all trades in the game. Having the best units in the game allows easier time clearing story missions, completing hard event quests and dominating in PvP arena. Her high SPR makes her very durable against magic damage. Either way, the tier list is aimed to present units who can complete the most amount of content (i.e, trials) based on their kit. We could say Sylvie's LB frees a materia slot to most of the playerbase's units when it comes to gearing for resistance, since her LB gives 75% elemental resistance vs the more common 50% ("Melody of Life" is the most "common" elemental materia and "only" gives 20% resistances, so those extra 25% always come in handy). Only unlimited equipments (not event shop/recipe) : Only items available at will from shop/recipe and not from event will be used. His other skills are, unfortunately, mostly irrelevant. Can provide break immunity, AoE reraise, 30% general mitigation, and help to fill LBs. Her damage is absolutely terrible unless you unlock her latent abilities. Subpar hybrid chainer with some elemental flexibility.

Can maintain 70% breaks on a single enemy by alternating his cooldown breaks with another Mastermind Xon. His burst is decent but requires several turns of setup. Magic chainer that can choose between fire and non-elemental damage. Click on the arrow on the left of the text field to get access to the expedition custom formula.

For instance, HT Lid is a better breaker than Auron right now (even though passive boss buffs make that distance small), but Auron is valued higher due to his future potential. Can also use lightning or earth at a minor damage loss. Can provide on-demand AoE 75% breaks, or break by up to 80% with her cooldown or her LB. Versatile tank. Can buff stats, elemental resistances, and physical mitigation.

Breaker that can simultaneously serve as a 100% passive provoke/dodge tank. Typically must use her cover each turn to reapply the barrier, or she's at a higher risk of dying. This rates them appropriately that way, without leading to ridiculous numbering systems that rank Dressy Aileen over Charlotte. Desired stat (filter and sort) unselect.

FFBE: 037.074.775. Unfortunately, his physical/magical mitigation buffs cannot be dualcast, which means he cannot provide much in the way of HP/MP restoration while maintaining those. Can provide 50% AoE general mitigation, 25% magic/physical mitigation, stat buffs, and 2k AoE barriers. Just curious cause I never made a mental connection for those two, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FFBraveExvius community.

Force a none elemental build. armondo86 (Topic Creator) 2 months ago #3. Ask yourself this: given the choice right now, would you UoC Auron or HT Lid? Due to the way that the game handles tiebreakers for provoke chance, make sure that your provoke tank is in a slot that comes.

Has lots of human killer passives, but even with those, his damage is not competitive.

Both are good ways to evaluate, I just believe in the former. Physical ice chainer (with wind as a weaker backup option).

Sylvie, Healer needs to raise a passive provider and then you need to apply reraise so the situation doesn’t just spiral down? After a lot of talking here and on Discord I've moved Sylvie to S-tier with the reasoning edited into the thread above! Can slightly fill ally LB gauges and provide barriers. In addition to providing breaks, has strong AoE healing, AoE reraise, AoE MP recovery, can grant a physical water. Only owned equipments available to expedition : Same as Only owned equipment, but exlude items marked as excluded from expedition in the inventory page. Her breaks while not consistant, allow for either emergency situations OR for turn flexibility. Being able to actually find the unit on the list without having to scroll down half the page and search through an unorganized chart. For example, Selecting Ifrit's 75% Beast Killer selects a total of 9 objects, starting with Fire, for a total of 370 SP. Espers at Maximum rarity and level, with only Killers unlocked. Has AoE barriers, elemental resistance buffs, and AoE HP/MP regen.

His damage requires several turns to ramp up. And lastly, with her equipment selection and passives, she can be a viable provoke tank with golem (dodge or not, since she has evasion on her kit) while being extremely tanky compared to other supports. All available Equipment, unless limited by available options. All equipments inputed in the inventory page. Has significant ramp-up time with non-elemental damage. Can alternately be used as a dodge provoke tank that also provides mirage every turn. Absolutely terrible magical chainer/finisher. Taste the happy, Michael! Provoke and physical cover tank that can provide 50% general mitigation to the party. I've gotten by just fine without any Sylvies. Works best when paired with another breaker who cannot break well on T1.

Several reasons but here are the major ones. Some pre-set custom formula can be found on the custom formula popup. They really need to put all the UR units back into the list at the top. FFBE GL 800,589,687. Unlike most 7* healers, does not have the ability to heal and reraise on the same turn. DPS change very quickly requiring a huge update to the tier list every week or two. For example, Ifrit's Beast killer can be trimmed back to the 50% killer by clicking on the ATK + 100 object that follows the 50% killer. It's just the rest of the units that don't appear in the top 3. This is why you will see that one requirement for S-tier units is to not have received their enhancements. Can buff the party's general mitigation by 35% and magic mitigation by 30%. Anonymous(Pedantic Romantic) @Pedantic Romantic Reply.

In his brave shift form, he can also be used as a (bad) physical DEF-based damage dealer. His LB provides a 40% general mitigation buff to the party for three turns. I also like that this format isn't rating top-tier units against each other. Has some utility, including elemental resists and mirage. The sheet starts with a list of requirements, so please read those to better understand the tiers.

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