The titan was astonished to find Kratos still alive remarking the "blood of Cronos" served him well. Kratos also wields the Guardian Shield, a golden circular shield attached to a golden gauntlet in his arm that he uses both offensively and defensively. Following Erinys' defeat, Kratos returned to Sparta, killing the Piraeus Lion and a Dissenter before entering the Temple of Ares (then in the process of being converted into the Temple of Kratos), where he would find the key to saving his brother. In Greek mythology, the Titans (Τιτάν) were a race of extremely powerful and physically huge deities that ruled the world during the legendary Golden Age of Mankind. Sea Snake | Armed with this knowledge, Kratos took a ship to Delos. Kratos, ultimately regaining his will to live, engaged the Kraken in battle and killed it. With no other options left, Helios tried to trick Kratos into sparing his life with a promise that he would repay him in full. It was Athena who would tell Kratos what his next assignment was during his service with the gods, and it was also her who convinced the other gods of Olympus to turn Kratos into the new god of war after he killed Ares, to reward him for all the deeds he did for them. She then revived Kratos by healing most of his wounds, allowing him to escape Hades, she sent Kratos a Pegasus to travel to the Island of Creation to find the Sisters of Fate. Kratos made his way through the Underworld, meeting lost souls, stealing Apollo's bow from Peirithous by burning him alive, and encountering The Judges, who decided that Kratos was not yet ready for the afterlife before urging him to proceed forward. Kratos finally gives Atreus the bag of his mothers ashes. The witch showing Kratos and Atreus Alfheim moments before she is sucked back into Midgard. When Kratos ordered the Pegasus to take him to Olympus, Gaia told him he was no longer a god and that he could no longer access the Mountain. Kratos stated that the world was in ruins and her message was useless. Persephone revealed that Kratos being reunited with his daughter was part of her plan to destroy the world and free herself from her miserable existence. Kratos then destroyed the root of Gaia's hand with the Blade of Olympus, sending a screaming Gaia plummeting to her apparent doom at the bottom of Mount Olympus. Though he finds Brok and Sindri annoying, Kratos is never rude or ill-natured around them and even trusts them to work on his gear. Because of that, both Perses, and Cronos wanted to kill Kratos but were killed by the latter instead. She immediately suspects that Kratos is motivated by something other than a desire to do good, and looks through his memories. Check out Polygon’s review here. They make their way into a vast room where they encounter statues of giants, possibly the few remaining giants escaping Midgard. He entered the temple and encountered his long presumed dead mother Callisto, who assured Kratos that it is really her, to his shock. The dwarf offers improvements to the axe as well as other weapons, armor, and equipment the two carry. You were not meant to travel through the Mirrors of Destiny. This was because the gods couldn't remove the nightmares from his past, he's destructive conquest of Greece, and also cause Kratos would make the gods pay for the suffering of his mother Callisto and his brother Deimos. While Atreus was wondering who hurt the serpent, Freya appears all of a sudden and says that she is looking for her son, saying that the woods and fields call his name. Calliope was so depressed after her father for abandoned her, that she lost the will to play her flute. Reaching the top again, Kratos managed to escape the clutches of Hades via the same hole that the Gravedigger had been digging earlier. Meanwhile, a badly weakened Zeus calls forth a meeting of the Gods (although only Poseidon, Hades, Hermes, and Helios are present), urging them to put aside their differences and unite against their common enemy, Kratos. They would see each other again when Kratos waged war against the gods of Olympus, with Helios fighting for Olympus. However, in spite of this, Kratos respected Hephaestus' desire to protect Pandora as he told her that her father died doing what any father should do: protecting the life of his child and even tried to stop Pandora from killing herself even requiring her convincing to allow her to sacrifice herself. Ares, you will die for what you did that night! Hades responded by tearing open a crevice in the ground, hoping to pull Kratos into the River Styx. When Kratos was in the underworld to save Helios, he saw Calliope and wished to be with her, even planning to leave the world at the mercy of Morpheus. At the end of his service to the gods of Olympus, when it became clear that they would never relieve him of his nightmares, he became openly defiant and hostile towards them, even after being made a god himself, his hatred, however, reached its peak after learning of their role in his mother’s and brother's suffering after which he swore vengeance upon them.

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