It’s worth a try I think. Yes, bootswap.tar.md5 is the file you need. It will let you enjoy many Custom ROMs on Snapdragon Note 9 Duos SM-N9600. Rooting Galaxy S9/S9+/Note 9 Snapdragon Variants using Extreme Syndicate, Instructions to Root Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/Note 9, Step 1: Flash Combination Firmware on Snapdragon Galaxy S9/S9+/Note 9, Step 2: Run ‘Root_Installer.bat’ and Flash ‘BootSwap.tar.md5’ file using Odin Tool, Step 3: Install ‘’, ‘System.img’, and ‘Vendor.img’ using FlashFire, easily install a custom recovery and root their phones, latest version of the Samsung USB drivers, use ADB push/pull commands to transfer files, A Comprehensive Guide on How to Unlock and Relock the Bootloader on OnePlus 8T, Download Google Camera 8.0 from Pixel 5 w/ New UI and Features [APK], How to Perform a Factory Reset on OnePlus 8T [Hard Reset], First of all, you can use this method on any Snapdragon Galaxy S9/S9 and Note 9 running Android Oreo, Android 9 Pie, and even Android 10 (One UI 2.0). It is essential to activate USB debugging on your SM-N9600. And as we pointed before, there are several issues that still need fixing. It’d be hard to tell what went wrong. From here on, a normal boot would take your phone into the stock recovery. You need to run a combination ROM that is used by Samsung for testing their devices in their factory. How to Disable Hyper-Threading On Your PC? Developers have exploited the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 to get root access on the Snapdragon models, Samsung unveils larger version of Galaxy Z Fold 2 for China, Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond trademark hints at new wireless earbuds, Celebrate OnePlus Day with big savings on phones and earbuds, today only, Xiaomi’s new Mi Box 4S Pro supports 8K video playback, LineageOS adopts SeedVault as its open source backup solution. You need to run a combination ROM that is used by Samsung for testing their devices in their factory. XDA’s official marketplace for buying and selling tech. Copyright © xda-developers. It is the one you provided in this article, so I assume it is the right one. 11. Hi again, Aaron. Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Sure. Android 11 Custom ROM List – Unofficially Update Your Android Phone! You can access or edit the core settings of the Android operating system with the root access. These are as follows: The benefit of using this method for rooting is that the KNOX counter will not be tripped. I had possible to root in my phone with SM-G965U but two things have a problem. Receive the freshest Android & development news right in your inbox! Android Updates, Tips, Development and Tutorials. For customizing the phone’s software or for adding more features to it, you can install Xposed Framework. Since the bootloader is still locked, there is no way to patch the boot image for Magisk to work. That’s great! If even that fails, then reboot the PC and try using a different port. Sorry, ignore the last comment I made. Did you flash it via the Modded Odin version? As for dr.fone, have you tried removing the superuser access of dr.fone from SuperSU and granting it again when prompted? The installer will perform the necessary procedure automatically. When finished you will have to hold buttons to reboot to recovery until you see boot animation. Currently, Snapdragon variants of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 9 running Android 8 or 8.1 Oreo can have root access. Note that the first boot after this step can take some time, maybe even a few minutes. The only thing that matters is your Galaxy Note 9’s model number. Your phone will automatically reboot and actions that you have set in the FlashFire app will be applied. First and most obvious, you can download and use apps that require root permissions. This will erase all data from your Galaxy Note 9. While holding the Volume Down and Bixby buttons together, connect the phone to the PC using the USB cable. Once transferred, disconnect the phone from the PC. Now connect your device to your computer by using USB cable. Sin problemas pude hacerlo a la perfección. The XDA App is the fastest way to access the forums on mobile. Then choose firmware and choose the system.img and the vendor.img. But, Samsung devices in the US are pretty difficult to root due to the security by Samsung Knox. Please see my reply to your last comment. Note: Before proceeding, backup all of your important files and data, as part of this guide involves wiping … I’m stuck on the screen shown on the image at the end of step 1. Okay, now I am trying to restart, but the ROOT_INSTALLER tells me that my device is offline, while it is actually online. El único problema que tengo esta al bloquear mi pantalla. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 using the TWRP recovery … Hypervisor I was able to complete the remaining steps and the phone is now rooted. If you are using your phone as a primary, take note of these things beforehand. This file will swap the /boot and /recovery partitions (The sole reason why root is possible) of the phone so that the /system partition can be mounted as rewritable. Hi Brian. This includes apps and their data, contacts, emails, call logs and even the complete internal storage. Entrepreneur and Blogger. If you are willing to install and test this root client, Elliwigy has instructions on how to install this on your own device. Looking in my Developer options, I have no option to select "Unlock OEM" where it used to be. How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N9600 (Snapdragon) Easily [Simple Steps] 1. All the instructions you need have been posted in the forum posts linked below. That stopped with the Galaxy S9 because of a lot of changes Samsung had made to their then Samsung Experience system to make it impossible. Instructions for flashing the GSI are also linked in the forum post. Alright, thank you so much again! This allowed for elliwigy to inject SuperSU and busybox to the system. Snapdragon Note 9 Duos SM-N9600 may lose warranty after being rooted. I have a samsung note 9, 512gb and 8 gb of ram it works or do i have to have it of 128gb and 6 gb of ram? I am stuck on the last part of step 2 I am trying to press the volume up bixby and power button. The process can be a little more difficult than you will have with the apps mentioned down below. Extreme.Syndicate.Root.S9) containing all the files needed for the rooting procedure. BOOT_IMAGE_SWAP_G960USQU7ASK1.tar.md5 for the S9). If you performed everything like mentioned, there shouldn’t be any problem with WiFi. But to gain root, you will need to flash the combination firmware which is based on Android 8.1 Oreo. It’s very important that you do that. Any update when root for S9 plus Exynos android 10 Q will be available. Yes, Daniel. Users in the U.S. can’t even unlock the bootloader to root their devices in the first place. 3. I have the same problem. Root for the Exynos S9+ on Android 10 is already possible. I have been in touch with dr.fone tech support and they are having an engineer look into the issue. Raspberry Pi 4 gets a taste of Android 11 via OmniROM, How to force 120Hz refresh rate for a smoother experience on the POCO X3, Enable video over LTE, RCS, and other carrier features on U.S. unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Download the Google Pixel 5’s hidden Conveyor Belt live wallpaper, Download the live wallpapers from the Google Pixel 5 on any device, Official LineageOS 17.1 based on Android 10 is here for the Nokia 6.1. Lastly, the developers have mentioned that the MTP connection, biometric security like Fingerprint and Face Unlock and front (selfie) camera will not work. It appears that you have disabled your Javascript. Finally, root for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/Note 9 phones equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC is now available via the “Extreme Syndicate” root method. It is the time to install Magisk v16.7 on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N9600 in Recovery mode. In this guide, I will show you how to root Snapdragon Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 easily. Proof of concept root method for the Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been found, Samsung unveils larger version of Galaxy Z Fold 2 for China, Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond trademark hints at new wireless earbuds, Celebrate OnePlus Day with big savings on phones and earbuds, today only, Xiaomi’s new Mi Box 4S Pro supports 8K video playback, LineageOS adopts SeedVault as its open source backup solution. Intel Xe HP ‘Arctic Sound’ ‘Neo Graphics’ GPU Leaks Online In Geekbench Listing Indicating Entry-Level Data-Center Capabilities. That’s great! Did the step 2 go through without any errors? Hi. Previously, I have published the simple instructions for rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 4G LTE SM-T835. Hi Aaron. If you are a big fan of Custom ROM and planning to install it on your Snapdragon Note 9 Duos SM-N9600, then you must be eagerly waiting to root your SM-N9600. Charge your phone to a sufficient battery level so that it doesn’t shut down abruptly during the rooting process. Odin shows a big red FAIL and ‘all threads completed. To know more about how we process the comment data, refer to our privacy policy. It is also taking so long that I get stuck at the ‘setting up connection’. I am sorry, but you’ll have to do with the AFH links. Did all the steps pass without any errors or irregularities? Could you provide more details like what’s the device name and exact model number, as well as the firmware CSC? You also need to be running what’s called a combination firmware — firmware that Samsung uses in the factory for testing. Did you use the modded Odin by Raymonf to flash the file?

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