While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. Share ... Airbase bunker is at the West end (mission Flying Blind to restore power, tip do not open the weapon storage safe in the Förråd before getting all the notes inside the Förråd) Bredskapförråd 115: -125, -563; Bredskapförråd 119: 1400, -600; Damage ?? Ammunition Type Generation Zero bunker locations. Members. The HP5, is a submachine gun that appears in the game Generation Zero. Anita's letter draft about "Skarven"Handwritten instructions found at SkarvenRadio Recording found at Skarven Generation Zero – Machine Blueprints Locations. We hope that this guide will help you. Weapon Type Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://generation-zero.fandom.com/wiki/HP5?oldid=5548, Smaller mag size compared to the Kpist SMG, Slower fire rate compared to the Kpist SMG, Inside a container next to a dead soldier. 4 Similar Posts: Generation Zero – Command Bunker Locations. You sure? This is the ending of Generation Zero – Bunker Locations guide. High rate of fire, but low damage." You can play the game in single mode or online multiplayer mode. Report on Enemy TacticsGot ambushed by these... things near the church at 1300 hours. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Handling Generation Zero – Safe House Location 3C The in-game weapons all share the same quality patterns. The letter found in Anita's office at the Iboholmen Castle mentions a bunker with the code name "Skarven" and that recently fell into disuse. Fire Modes Search for anything left behind. Between the gnats, that dog bot, the gas, and the restricted view from the gas mask, it's not pretty. Is a potential drop from killing FNIX Tanks. Handling Here are the on-map locations of each in-game bunker. Rate of Fire Have fun. Pros Submachine Gun Require full report on these encountered enemy machines. AutomaticSemi-Automatic Sorken Command Bunker: -444, -1385; Må.., Generation Zero for the Xbox One Rate of Fire Damage "The letter mentions an old bunker on Norra Saltholmen" One Can Only Hope is a side mission in Generation Zero. Skarven bunker help. My Mistake, I was misreading the coordinates on my map. Statistics Fire Modes There is also a guide on locations of all collactibles.

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