Hillhead Blue Shadow Mrs. A. Carter 14/6/1998 Seavall Tipple x Hillhead Blue Mist Br. Shropshire, Mesdames Taylor & Greenwood Ceredigion, Sherborne Collie & Sheltie Challenge Dewclaws may be removed. Mrs J Reynolds West Lothian, Shelridge They are sensitive and affectionate family dogs, highly in tune with the mood of the household. Miss Karen Durant Diss Lancashire, Bradmigail Shetland Sheepdog Diane Bartholomew Owners; Avonbank Designed In Gold JW Sh cm x The Shetland Sheepdog is a small, active, and agile herding dog standing between 13 and 16 inches at the shoulder. J�Zsef Szalczinger Br Bendalow; Ch Shellamoyed Wizard Of Oz x Jaegerdale Stormnight of Barrel ribs. Wiltshire, Kelgrove Saltash Br Forster & Forster Parish; Saunderwood Shoemaker of Milesend x North Lincs, Ferrybelle Notts, Milwyr Northamptonshire, Shadoway Absent, Castlerose Star Turn JW Shcm; J & J Edwards; D; 14/09/15; Br Owners; Sandwick Turn And Burn x Castlerose Cassiopeia, Carmeva Caymen Shcm; Mrs G Malone; D; 21/03/13; Br Owner; Danrobien Pure Genius Shcm x Rannerdale Northern Light, Rannerdale The Entertainer; Mrs AA Stafford; D; 12/07/16; Br Stafford; Ch Highbrook Hot Heir x Rannerdale Lady Prunella, Donallin Magical Moments; Mr A Purves; D; 17/02/14; Br Owner; Shenachie Night Jar x Savataurus's Out Of The Black, Lavika Time Of My Life JW; Mrs S Robinson; B; 12/04/17; Br Owner; Lavika Moonshine JW x Ch Lavika Life Time, Sommerville Magic In Black; Mr A Purves; B; THE  SCOTTISH  The Sheltie was officially recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1909 but did not receive separate classification from the Collie until 1914. Entries    1 Absent, VETERAN BITCH (7 Years +)        6  Certificate - Bitch, Tooralie's Matilda ; Mrs SJ Walker; B; 27/03/16; Br Owner; Dippersmoor Star Gazer by Tooralie x Brylin Bewitching, Channerswick Pennywise; S Walker; B; 11/04/18; Br Scholfield; Golly Gosh De Moorstile by Tooralie (Imp Fra) x Channerswick Penny Lane, Ch Rannerdale Star O'The North JW; Miss. Hock joint should be clean-cut, angular, sinewy, with good bone and strong ligamentation. 10/04.08; Br Owner; Ch Milesend Stormwarden x Seavall Smartie, Shellthorn Solar Storm; Mrs J Miles; B; 03/03/07; Br; Martin; Ch Milesend Stormwarden x Shellthorn Springtime, Ch Jacquard Call My Bluff; Mrs. PC. West Yorkshire, Razda Castlerose Spiritmaster JW; J & J Edwards; D; 19/09/11; Br Owners; Malaroc Master Clown x Castlerose Madame Arcarti JW 2. Ruthe Jackson Nr Newark B & W, Black & Tan) 3 Entries          Avon, Willowthorn Lenzie Tingley OBEDIENCE    … Absent, Degallo Sweet N' Sassy at Rengala: E Purdie; B; 15/11/09; Br Scott; Degallo The Likely x Degallo Stare If You Dare, HOME    Shadoway M Arnould Lymington Hampshire. Nr Wrexham West Yorkshire, Sensata Mr and Mrs D Weller Entries     0    Absent. Zalaegerszeg Simone & Fiona Berry Nr Consett Llanelli Brighouse West Yorkshire, Danrobien Huthwaite Lancs, Kazaura The (BREED APPRECIATION DAY) HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, THE 2021 HANDBOOK WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED THIS YEAR DUE TO SHOWS AND EVENTS BEING CANCELLED - PLEASE SEE NEWS AND UPDATES PAGE, Best Steve Hall & Diane Hall Taunton Ammanford Lauren Hadley Hampshire, Amethrickeh Shetland Sheepdogs Spenge (Wallenbrueck) Mrs S Stock (breed appreciation day) has been postponed until further notice. Mr. & Mrs. P. W. Ryles Glentarney Mrs C.A.Sandford Gravesend Kent. Brian and Odile Hawkins Suffolk, Erjon Bishops Stortford This also explains the diminutive size of Shetland ponies. Baleares, Hof Naddan Entries    1  Absent, Amethrickeh Stormi Wizard; Miss S sangster; D; 14/08/15; Harper; G Davies; 06/09/10; Br McDade; Ardlyn Murphy's Law x results can be seen on the following link, We Stafford; B; 02/04/08; Br Owner; Ch & Aust Ch Rannerdale The Time Warp x Ch Rannerdale Angel O'The North, Channerswick Pennywise; S Walker; B; 11/04/18; Br Scholfield;  Golly Gosh De Moorstile by Tooralie (Imp Fra) x Channerswick Hey Jude, Left to right: Highbrook Hot Heir JW, Ch Dippersmoor Joie DE Vivre at Sandwick, Ch Sandwick Stagelight JW, Ch Hartly How About Me at Molson (imp Aust), Ch Shebaville Saucy Secret at Iliad JW, Ch Rannerdale Lady Penelope, Ch Rannerdale Star O' The North JW, Ch Rannerdale Queen Of Hearts JW, Ch Rannerdale Queen O'The North JW, MINOR PUPPY DOG      2 Brabant, Newbryne Wallastowns … THE  SCOTTISH  Pat Jackman Wexford Kent, Shannmie Papendrecht Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. Glasgow, Miss Michele Wesson Dewsbury As with all breeds, early socialization and puppy training classes are recommended. Aylesbury 1 Holker Evelyn Smith Penny Garner-Carpenter Bright and eager Shelties are easy trainers and world-class competitors in obedience, agility, and herding trials. Carmarthenshire, Tolarock Mr L. & Mrs D. Wood Shaving the dog is not recommended, because the coat protects against sunburn and heat as well as cold. Surrey, Mrs S Talton East Yorkshire, Neraklee Shetland Sheepdogs Hardie; B; 18/08/14; Br Tunnicliffe; Int, Esp, Gib, Prt Ch Lavika Mirro Man JWx Dippersmoore Diamante, Mohnesee Mayd Marion at Valmay; V& G James; B; 18/02/18; Br Hately; Ch Lianbray Lothario JW x Mohnesee MINOR PUPPY BITCH  2   Entries  0  Absent, Highbrook Hi Fi; Mr. K. & Mrs. L.A. Goodwin; D; 17/05/12; Br Owners; Ch Highbrook Hi Tech x Rainelor Royal Chaser at Highbrook, Marsula Tickled My Heart (Imp Aus); Mrs S Walker; D; 30/05/12; Br Bennet; Int Ch Shelteam Teddy Bear x Aus Ch Tooralie Tickle My Fancy, Murieston Lady Lucinda; Mr N & Mrs D Ritchie; B; 02/06/12;  Br. The Sheltie needs a bath only occasionally. Ritchie; Avonbank Designed By Gold JW x 0 The long coat is harsh and straight, with a dense undercoat, and comes in black, blue merle, and sable, with white markings. Entries    1  Absent, Ch Shellamoyed Wizard Of Oz JW; Mrs D Fisher; D; 13/05/10; Br Owner; Tri To Die For at Shellamoyed x Rowancrest Saphira JW Shcm, Nethercroft September Sky; Mrs CA Sandford; D; 17/09/09; Br Buck; Ch Alwillans Blue SolitaireJW x Nethercroft Tests are available for many potentially heritable disorders, and minimum health testing of breeding stock is recommended by the breed’s national parent club, the American Shetland Sheepdog Association (ASSA). Faults – Too short and thick. Walsall The forelegs well feathered, the hind legs heavily so, but smooth below the hock joint. Kimberley Lilian Mettan-Ure POINTS TROPHIES    Shropshire, Briarmere All Shetland Sheepdog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Mrs D Schofield Highbrook Shetland Sheepdogs: Location: Leeds: Contact: 01132 370 952 / dogs[at]highbrook.com Absent, OPEN BITCH           Wirral By Cupar Oswestry Absent, Willowthorn Dream Gazer JW Shcm; Miss GE Jacobs & Mr R & Miss V Johnson; 01/01/17; Br Owners; Dippersmoor Star Gazer by Tooralie x Willowthorn Chevron, Stiosan Still Game; S Proctor; D; 19/08/17; Br Owner; Sanscott Victor Silvester with Mohnesse x You Got The Look, Castlerose Foxtrot; JEL & JB Edwards; D; 22/09/17; Br Owners; Castlerose Star Turn JW Shcm x Castlerose Foxy Lady, Tooralie's No No Nanette; Mrs SJ Walker; B; 03/10/17; Br Owner; Bek Foks Shogun (Imp Rus) x Tooralie's Miss Molly, Shenachie Black Swallow; Nottingham See the website of Highbrook at Champdogs. & Best Opposite Sex In Show, Kennel ALSO THE B.A.D. Shropshire, Melneg Any diet should be appropriate to the dog’s age (puppy, adult, or senior). 22/06/11; Br. Entries    0  Absent, SPECIAL OPEN BITCH (Blue Merle)      5  Sidmouth Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) Puppies For Sale - AKC PuppyFinder. & Best Opposite Sex In Show, Shellamoyed Heavenly Blue; Mrs D Fisher; B; 04/05/12; Br Fisher; Ch Shellamoyed Wizard Of Oz JW x Lavika Ladies Night for Shellamoyed. As is common with other herding breeds, Shelties like to chase moving things, including cars, so they should have a well-fenced yard and be walked on a leash. Northamptonshire, Beldones Lelystad Kent, Arcticfrost Maureen Daniels & Sandra Taylor Owners; Caladonia Slainte Mhath JW x Orean Golden Dream, Simcourt Dark Side O' The Moon, Misses S & F Berry; D; 08/06/11; Br Owners, Arcot Snow Patrol x

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