Insecticides based on predators’ urine imitate their presence, causing other animals to stay away. To find out where such a device should be installed, read our “Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light review: why do night animals hate it?”. Opossums don't have rabies (they can't - their body temperature is too low) and NEVER attack humans. BrandSlider.prototype.itemWidth = function() { And they may be taking shelter in your attic. You can prevent this by using traps or securing the base. Homemade possum trap Chip Thompson. Spicy mixtures also serve as possum repellents and work well to keep other garden eaters away as well, such as squirrels. You can also use the electric fence as well. Always make sure to do this if you want to prevent them from having a way to get into or onto your roof. }; There are other alternatives, like supersonic sound emitters, smokers, and even natural repellent. If you want to choose electric fence, then its length must be 3-4 inches from the top to prevent possum access. If you have fruits or veggies, consider protecting them with natural means like possum-proof barrier fencing. Make the place unfavorable for them by cutting all the branches of trees and trim the bushes. Possums are known to be nocturnal creatures, so they come out at night. So if you can get ahold of this bark, you pretty much have the key ingredient used for possum repellents where they charge you crazy amounts for. The hair of cat and dog helps a lot in removing possums. Again, these are things such as automated sprinklers, motion-sensor lights, and pet hair among other things. case 39: that.nextSlide(); break; They’re very shy by nature, so they’ll typically avoid humans unless trapped or provoked. There are no known, registered poisons to kill opossums. Possums can very well carry diseases such as rabies my dog was bitten twice by a possum and I saw it happen it was a horrible experience my dog almost died from the infection from the bites had to have surgery and 4K later and two weeks of recovery he is finally doing better I would gladly rather that possum be taken out than my dog any day yard angel my ass more like a death angel on the prowl I absolutely cannot stand them. Choose the one that suits your possum problem. Possousmare omnivores and eat both plant and meat, typically bugs. You can easily let them roam and clean up pests from your garden. The most radical method is shooting banned in many states. Yes they are immune to rabies however there are many other issues they can cause. Not to mention possums in your attic will easily lead to the spread of disease from parasites, pathogens, and droppings. Disclaimer: Always consult with a qualified professional exterminator prior to beginning any pest control plan. Have you seen them? And treat all your surfaces as possum-contaminated until you get rid of the possum. BrandSlider.prototype.setMaskWidth = function() { You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A cup of molasses mixed and dissolved in a liter of water serves as a viable repellent for possums, which are drawn to leafy plants in your garden or flower bed. ... Possum Trapping NZ Part 2 - Concealed & Above Ground sets. Always try to trap them first and call animal or pest control to get rid of them. Covers 3,840 sq. 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Note that this may not repel all possums, it really depends on the possum’s habits and characteristics. Anything on the opposite end of the spectrum is, funnily enough, unbearable to them. // ]]>. My dog goes crazy trying to get to them. If given enough area to slip their paws into, they can climb without issue really. While they like to create dens in hollow trees or the vacated burrows of other animals, opossums can also find a home under your deck, shed or house. They can also climb to reach the rooftop. Several methods may be used or varied for maximum effectiveness. }, { capture:true, passive: true}); When this happens, switch up the oil. Once the possums learn to adjust themselves to the sudden streams of water, this method fails. Opossums are marsupials; in fact, they’re the only marsupials residing in North America. Once the possum has been dealt with, make sure that you take measures to thoroughly clean the house of the harmful residual ammonia. It contains ingredients deterring the animals, such as black pepper, peperine and capsaicin. I live in my mom basement and i just realized there are possums down there with me. Close By nature, possums are gentle, non-aggressive, non-destructive, and don’t harm humans or other animals, unless threatened. If you must keep your door or window ajar, be sure that you’re using strong and secure netting or some kind of barrier to keep possums out of your house! They’re relatively cheap and there are tons of variations. They’re also decent climbers with their rear pair of legs. It is possible to customize the working repellent mode to a day, night and 24/7 round the clock mode. These products are an efficient and ordinary way to keep them away from your house. I dont feel so blessed when hes KILLING my chickens and coming back for more. Possums that get into the house though pose a different story. It is suitable for use in basements, barns, cellars, gardens and lawns. 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