An attacker successfully gets your phone number on their device, allowing them to receive all your incoming text messages and phone calls. The attacker then uses this access to your phone number, usually via text message, to gain access to your other internet accounts. Once he has the information, the thief may call your phone carrier, pretending to be you, and attempt a “SIM swap.” He may convince your mobile service provider to link your mobile service with the SIM card of a mobile phone in the thief’s possession. Let’s look at the recovery process of an AppleID after completing the action items below. It doesn’t hurt to notify exchanges, email providers, or other providers when an account of yours was breached and especially when your assets were stolen. You may have a system notification stating that you can no longer access a phone-level account (like your Apple ID or Google account) and need to re-enter your password. Floods of calls and messages If cryptocurrency is stolen from you, it most likely cannot be recovered. Additionally, if you are a high net-worth individual or operate a business, now may be a good time to invest more in your security, your business’s security, and / or your employees’ security. If you’re the victim of a SIM swap … It looks like you’ve swapped your SIM or updated your software. Protect all your financial accounts and information. Criminals will send a flurry of nuisance calls and/or messages in an attempt to get victims to turn their phone off. Extended loss of signal is the initial sign that SIM Swap fraud has taken place, as the control has been switched to a new device. If you did this on your computer, repeat on your phone. Also, being filled with adrenaline while multi-tasking results in terrible, terrible memory and you don't want to repeat work. These are “cloud-based,” although all your secret data is protected and encrypted by a “Master Password” that never leaves your computer / device. SIM-swapping attacks might sound like one of the identity theft horror stories that only happens to people who are too careless or cavalier with their personal information, but more of us are at risk than it seems. Be careful not to reveal exact specifics of your case and focus on helping others rather than playing the blame game. That said, all smartphone users on any carrier should be aware of how SIM-swap attacks work. Banking organisations could make use of voice recognition to verify a transaction, as well as clever background checks using mobile data – for example, measuring how long it takes a call to connect, suggesting a call divert is in place and, therefore, a potential fraud may be taking place. 1) Phishing messages and suspicious communications asking for information . Don't email them to yourself. However, giving that exchange a “heads up” that law enforcement may be contacting them soon is still considered to be a good practice. Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance. Needless to say, it is incredibly damaging, especially if a bad actor is able to take over a critical account—think Google, Apple, or your password manager—that allows them to gain access to other accounts. If you experience an extended loss of signal, contact your mobile network provider to check if it is a widely known issue, or isolated to your device. Regardless, you are the best person to determine what help you may need. A number of banks as well as the leading mobile network operators are beginning to tackle SIM Swap fraud, but consumer awareness of the crime has stayed relatively out of the headlines. The attacker clicks “Try another way” until they get to the “Get a verification code sent to (XXX) XXX-XXXX” screen. By educating and securing yourself, you are one less victim and one less success story for an attacker. You can also use to view more services and see what 2FA formats they support. An attacker can call up your phone provider’s support line, pretend to be you or another authorized party, and spin some story to get the support agent to transfer your number to the attacker's SIM. It is extremely common for internet fraudsters to social engineer both victims and the networks of victims to further extort money and / or determine what tracks they may need to cover. Note the account they are for and the date. It should not be known by anyone nor should it be tied to a Google account you currently use / is known. They can see all your bookmarks (like which exchanges you use) via chrome://bookmarks/. In order to maximize your own effectiveness, you’re going to need to have the cognitive capacity to multitask effectively. Then, take a new piece of paper and write it down again. Depending on your phone carrier, you will typically have the following options for authorizing the transfer of a phone number to a new device: Obviously, #3 is the best option. Fully review and collect references before hiring anyone. By now, the “tourniquet phase”, “control phase”, “shock phase” are complete and you are likely experiencing pain, guilt, sadness, and perhaps even some anger and bargaining for good measure. They do this by “recovering” access to an account (e.g., Google) or in conjunction with other information or access they have (e.g., using a previously leaked password + SMS 2FA). If at any time during this process things get especially tough and you are feeling hopeless, depressed, or suicidal, we strongly encourage you to talk to someone about it. You can read the entire paper here (via Engadget). And they don’t have to physically have your phone. Extended loss of signal is the initial sign that SIM Swap fraud has taken place, as the control has been switched to a new device. Inversely, if an individual (and especially) a company experiences a SIM swap or other data breach and conceals it, we highly recommend ceasing any relationship with them due to their disregard for you and your own security. The attacker receives the SMS sent to your phone number that they now control and successfully resets your password and gains access to your Google account. Additionally, you may want to re-secure and ensure you have secure, offline backups of all of your accounts, passwords, recovery codes, 2FA backups, etc. Sometimes, magically, there now is another layer of protection they can offer you that they didn't think to mention before. Save anything and everything, even if you don’t think it’s important. Any details you provide to anyone besides your attorney / law enforcement has a tendency to spread rapidly. See what information you can get from them at this time. These types of requests are sent to Apple and communication is delayed until they can verify the request and will email your AppleID later with a follow-up. Ensure the call connects and you hear your voicemail message playing. Log into your mobile phone carrier account and change your password to a strong, unique password. Change your phone number to the secure-secret Google Voice number from earlier. Each time we recommend against using Authy we get piles of questions and outrage. Once SIM Swap fraud has occurred, it is not instantly noticeable to the victim. For each device listed, ensure you have enabled and use a secure, unique password. Provide them with the raw data in as sensible of a format in as chronological an order as possible. Click the “Terminate All Other Sessions” button. You can use a Google Voice number for SMS verification for websites and services that insist on using SMS 2FA or otherwise require a phone number. Apple has very strict security policies and even authorized retailers do not have special powers to recover an account—they are required to verify your government-issued ID and some (if they don’t have ID scanners) ask for a debit or credit card for the account holder. 2019 saw a transition from stealing crypto to stealing sensitive data, such as business documents, personal information, or other data. Once in control, criminals are able to bypass SMS-based one-time-passcodes, and steal large amounts of money quickly. If you did this on your phone, repeat on your computer. What information were they able to access? Approve it on your phone. (. Crypto is very unique — it's decentralized, it can be easily anonymized, and it has real monetary value. You should also discuss and implement whatever options they have available to secure your account and ensure this can’t happen again. For example, if you noticed stolen assets ended up transferred to a particular cryptocurrency exchange, that exchange will not provide you with account information due to data privacy laws. You should now see all devices that have access to your Telegram and messages. When you’ve been hit with a SIM-swap attack, your device will start acting up. It is extremely common for SIM-swappers to go for Telegram accounts shortly after attempting cryptocurrency exchange account access. Therefore, we must approach this from two angles. You can also refresh yourself on our Cyber Aware tips to protect yourself online. Open the menu and then select "Settings.". 1. Ensure your phone number is your super-secure Google Voice number, as it can’t be removed and can be used to gain access to your Apple account. It is possible that the SIM swapper(s) may contact you or attempt to extort you. Critical accounts that can lead to further compromise of data or financial loss (other email addresses, exchanges, password managers, cloud storage, banks). They were just talking to someone who was pretending to be you. They can see all your home, work, and old addresses via chrome://settings/addresses. At best, you’ll lose (more) money. The new organisation will take on most of the activities previously carried out by the Asset Based Finance Association, the British Bankers’ Association, the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Financial Fraud Action UK, Payments UK and the UK Cards Association. Situations Where You Might Need To Replace Or Swap Your SIM If it is faulty If it is damaged, stolen or […] As you are updating your existing accounts or creating new accounts, use this number whenever you are forced to provide a phone number for recovery or security reasons. As a general rule of thumb, you should “separate concerns” when it comes to your phone numbers. To make matters worse, the only thing an attacker needs in order to recover all your Authy codes is a verification number that is sent to you via SMS. If you’re in the blockchain industry, odds are you have Telegram. However, the thieves constantly change their tactics. This is non-negotiable. Their dedication to the blockchain space and investigative experience has helped recover millions of dollars of stolen funds, prevented ICO scams, and mitigated emergency security incidents, day and night. SIM-swap attacks are one of the most dangerous forms of identity theft, and while it takes time and effort to pull off, it’s apparently much easier of the target is using a prepaid account on AT&T, T-Mobile, Tracfone, US Mobile, or Verizon. Through the SIM connection, your mobile service provider links the phone to your number and account. Give yourself five solid minutes to decompress. Delete phone bills, bank statements and other emails that may include personal information. This is essential in a space where there is no centralized party, government, or bank to fix things if they go wrong. Law enforcement has analysts to theorize. Save these numbers to wherever you normally save numbers AND to where you just called from. 5. Choose a username that is not associated with you. As we noted before, be extremely skeptical of people who reach out to you to “help” as these are likely scams. Use Google Authenticator instead and back codes up on paper. When choosing financial investments and services, consider that some are protected from theft and fraud, others are not. If you can, include specific dates, times, transactions, or IP addresses that were not made by you. We use these phrases interchangeably in this article.

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