Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Почему бы и нет? Maeve needs to be explored a lot more in season two. Title: https://versus-compendium.fandom.com/wiki/Hugh_Campbell_(comic) Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Загорелась этой идеей после прошлого распределения по Домам Хогвартса. Hughie Campbell; Mother's Milk (The Boys) Frenchie; The Female | Kimiko Miyashiro; Starlight | Annie January; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; after season 2; Romance; Getting Together ; Love Confessions; Hurt/Comfort; Angst; Fluff; Smut (A Little) Use of the F slur (Once) Misunderstandings; Summary. Will this be available on DVD in the future from amazon? Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1  variant covers with era-appropriate logos by Adam Hughes, Travis Charest, J. Scott Campbell & Frank Cho. From there, Billy offered Hughie the position as a member of The Boys. : Casey Affleck/Jack Quaid/Burna Boy. J. Scott Campbell and A modern update finds the famous sleuth and his doctor partner solving crime in 21st century London. Looking for something to watch? -The whole ‘superheros are really terrible people’ thing is nothing new, but it is something I always enjoy. A-Train, because drug addiction is terrible. She is amazing and I love that she told Annie/Starlight to just be a good person, because she was once someone who wanted to change the world, too. View production, box office, & company info, ‘Haunting of Bly Manor’ and ‘Emily in Paris’ Hit Nielsen’s Streaming Top 10 List, ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Again Tops Nielsen U.S. Streaming Rankings In Wake Of Emmy Blitz, ‘Haunting of Bly Manor’ Debuts at No. "Aye. He sexually assaults Annie/Starlight on day one - and I thought he was terrible. The series primarily focuses on two groups: the titular Boys, vigilantes looking to keep the corrupted heroes under control, and the Seven, Vought International's premier superhero team. Starlight is forced to make an impossible choice. A group of vigilantes sets out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers. Гифки с названиями Домов не мои, нашла их на просторах Pinterest~, me: this seems like a fun show to casually watch, Also considering Homelander probably figured out it was where the Boys killed Translucent, A little way to get some payback for that, serena's adorable look combined with ric's reaction had me. Unknown, Hugh Campbell (also known as Little Hughie, Wee Hughie, and simply Hughie) is one of the main protagonists of the 2006 comic series "The Boys.". Age I still think he is terrible. What's with that fly in a couple of scenes flying in front of people faces?it's clearly some kind of Easter egg or reference, can someone answer this? The Boys are led by Billy Butcher, who despises all superpowered people, and the Seven are led by the egotistical and unstable Homelander. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. On the checklist of a standard season of The Boys: have a Tony Cicero’s show up in episode 2. Male (for 1960s)- Frank Cho 2 on Nielsen’s Top 10 SVOD Rankings, 2020 TV Guide: The Best Shows Coming This Year, Editors' Picks: Streaming TV and Movies on Prime Video, Everything Coming to Prime Video in September 2020, Highest Rated Pilot Episodes of IMDb's Top 250, Jimmy Kimmel Live! (for 1950s)- - The fights between M. M. and Frenchie were the best. Created by Eric Kripke. “It’s a work colleague, someone you know.”, Black Noir has shown a proficiency for infiltration, but I guess he’s too powerful to not caring about activating all the traps and making himself visible, I feel like it’s only customary, but yeah, gotta add the picture of me and dad. Hughie gets terrifying news about Starlight. Hugh Campbell grew up relatively peacefully in the fictional town of Auchterladle in Scotland. Jack Quaid as Hugh "Hughie" Campbell – A civilian member of the Boys who joins the group after his girlfriend Robin is killed by A-Train. Unknown When The Boys gained the attention of the corrupt teenage hero group, Teenage Kix, a fight broke out among the Boys and the Kix. Stanley “Artgerm” Lau An anthology series exploring a twisted, high-tech multiverse where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide. But, he’s also a useless idiot and he seems to know he’s a useless idiot that no one likes or cares about. The Boys is set in a universe in which superpowered people are recognized as heroes by the general public and owned by a powerful corporation, Vought International, which ensures that they are aggressively marketed and monetized. Becca shows up on Butcher's doorstep and begs for his help. The Boys The travels of a lone bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic. A high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family's future. As a conflict ensues between the two groups, the series also follows the new members of each team: Hugh "Hughie" Campbell of the Boys, who joins the vigilantes after his girlfriend is killed in a high-speed collision by the Seven's A-Train, and Annie January/Starlight of the Seven, a young and hopeful heroine forced to face the truth about the heroes she admires. Sabine Rich Menu. https://versus-compendium.fandom.com/wiki/Hugh_Campbell_(comic)?oldid=11819, Kills Blarney Cock in one shot by accident, Snapped Blarney Cock's neck after he was revived by Compound V, Almost beats the new Payback team to death, Destroyed metal he was impaled by, although he used mother's milk during this time, Goes through a wall headfirst and comes out fine, Survived an explosion that killed the Female and the Frenchman, although he was far away and hit a windshield of a car, Took a beating from the kids of G-Whiz, one of which struggled to hurt him, Went on an undercover mission to expose the G-Men, and only failed because he was figured out by G-Whiz, Joined Superduper and exposed an evil supe in the ranks, Spied on and exposed compromising information on Teenage Kix, Was the only one of The Boys to survive until the end of the series, Compound V resurrection limits the cognitive abilities of the user, Compound V's resurrection also only works if the user has a functioning brain, Lacks experience in fighting due to not wanting to hurt or kill anyone. Kicked off the head of A-Train), Speed: Supersonic+ (Comparable to Billy Butcher), Durability: Small Building Level (Took hits from an entire group of G-Wiz mutants), Stamina: Superhuman (Has a strong version of Compound V, which is said to put him above 4 out of 5 supes). (2019– ). ― Hughie, Hugh Campbell The following day, Hughie moped in a park where he was found by Billy Butcher. (for 1980s)- - The Deep…like, he’s a terrible person, who can’t seem to do anything right. I’ve never read the comics, but I had read about them. But at night, he is a serial killer who only targets other murderers. Искала, но не увидела распределения. Hughie merely defended himself until Kix member Blarney Cock began to seriously threaten Hughie's wellbeing. (for 1990s)- Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair (for 2000s)- Jeehyung Lee (for 2010s). Gender Antony Starr as John / Homelander – The extremely powerful leader of the Seven. Gabriele Dell'Otto Tensions between members of The Boys would only get worse when Hughie unknowingly began to date a new member of The Seven known as Starlight. Unknown Probably because he was lying to her and seeing visions of Robin the whole time. However, it would only be a matter of time until things began to go horribly wrong. So, I’m interested in where they go with him. Unfollow. Beneath his public image as a noble hero, he is narcissistic, sadistic, and cares little about the well-being of those he professes to protect. Was this review helpful to you? Series Мы же всегда возвращаемся к Хогвартсу, правильно? (This template will categorize articles that include it into Category:Quotes.) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Weight Billy Butcher has such “I’m gonna kill you” energy and as someone who wants to die I gotta say that’s very sexy of him, Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular Simon Pegg as Hugh Campbell in The Boys S1 (2019). A look at the girl groups in The Boys so far, featuring Lucy the Whale and a couple of The Deep’s other seafaring friends. Hughie, despite his inexperience and reluctance to kill, grew accustomed to his new friends among The Boys. And, I wonder if the story he told about he and Becca was try or just true in his warped mind. His father tried to kill him with a Hello Kitty duvet? Attack Potency: Small Building Level (A member of The Boys, although weaker than the others. -  Hughie continues his missions of spying on other superheroes while juggling his relationship and keeping his occupation a secret. - Hughie is very sweet, and I love that he is literally the best at being a spy/murder/liar - and it all seems to be a giant mistake. There was nothin' like them in the world." Detached from the world of warfare and superpower around him, Hugh's life was going somewhat well until one day Hugh took his girlfriend out on a date and as they were enjoying each other's company, a large man suddenly rammed into Hugh's girlfriend faster than the speed of sound because of the negligence of the incompetent mainstream hero known as A-Train, who hit the large villain toward Glasgow on accident. -Frenchie and  By day, mild-mannered Dexter is a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami police. A family of former child heroes, now grown apart, must reunite to continue to protect the world. The Boys take to the high seas to safeguard their prisoner. (Friendship/Family/Romance - whatever.) He believes that he is a God and that he is saving the world and everyone from themselves. I binged The Boys on Amazon Prime yesterday. Kimiko / The Female are developing the sweetest relationship.

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