Press J to jump to the feed. This whole thing started about a year ago, July of 2019, in a small restaurant. To be fair I never saw any proof of the bribes. They offender looked drunk at the beginning too, so I’m sure that didn’t help his capabilities. Hope he got arrested, but why was he calmly taken outside after he assaulted someone? Can't remember the specific username though. It may be obvious to you but for whatever reason never did to me, I hate the lady that randomly comes up and whispers to the camera guy to stop it in the middle of the video. Fullscreen. I haven’t seen or read the end!!!

Chat. Maybe instead of putting money into having it removed, they should play it on a loop with their assclown kid made to watch it until he figures out that Hey, maybe if I wasn't such a low life piece of shit, that guy wouldn't have needed to take my ass to the floor where I belong and massive amounts of people on the internet wouldn't be laughing at me for being a little bitch. The man assaulted was a restaurant employee. Michel DUMONT remplace Joël STROZYNA qui était maire lors du précédent mandat. Maybe I should work on that. Settings. That happens just before the camera starts rolling and what preceded the violence on his part. Sorry, this post was removed by Reddit's Legal Operations team. For some reason unknown to anybody, Joel Michael Singer, who apparently is well to do and whose parents have deep pockets, decided to punch a waiter. We would like to remind all of our users and subscribers that we do not tolerate them. I get all that. 1.7m members in the JusticeServed community. Filter by post type. En France, 1065 autres maires ont le même prénom (Michel) et 19 autres maires ont le même nom de famille (DUMONT) Âge du maire de Féy . I think everyone should keep reposting all the horrible Karens of the past for good measure. I feel like the police showed up after the situation had been nearly totally diffused. Joel Michael Singer is the Florida man who was recorded headbutting another man and then being wrestled to the ground at a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale before police arrived. Not to mention the mods there are a bunch of cock eating dicks anyways, they banned everybody who posted or commented on this video. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a lot more than I’m “worth”... but it’s not much really in the grand scheme of things. I'd love it if every mod that was successfully bribed was banned. Il a pris ses fonctions en tant que maire le 28/06/2020. Close.

Retrouvez ci-dessous toutes les informations sur M. le maire de Féy. Whatever your problem at a restaurant is, punching a waiter is beyond the pale. If the cops showed up during the actual assault, I’m sure some mirror neurons would fire off and make the cops remove the offender in much more aggressive manner. En France sur les 34 995 maires, 45,93% sont plus agés et 54,07% plus jeunes. 97% Upvoted. If I was the guy being held down I sooooo would have told him how GoT ended. 4 autres maires sont nés exactement le même jour que M. Michel DUMONT. I'd be interested to see it, Is there any form of proof of the bribes? Harry Potter got really bold when the (I assume) military dude locked skinny pants down.
You fucking CUNT!!!! The fight was on camera/security camera. Most popular Most recent. So you’re saying we should give everyone a copy to help supplement a loss of income during covid. One of the men accuses Singer of punching another man.

Also, is there some source that says his family was using bribery to remove the video?

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Joel Michael Singer Assault According to the video Michael is seen Arguing with two men, one of them apparently accused Singer of punching his partner, Singer is first seen walking away but then comes back and headbutt one of the men, as they wrestle the man threatens Singer and he attempts to escape only for the police to arrive. The guy with the glasses looks like Jim when he dressed up as Dwight. I understand the idea behind securing him but really got touchy feely. Play. Can we all agree that is the right thing? Sorry, this post was removed by Reddit's Legal Operations team. You fucken fucken CUNT!!!! 1 rue de l'École 57420 Féy. The assaulter just calmly left too.

. When people start repeating the same thing over and over, they are likely to get violent. You can put Florida Man in a forgettable grey suit, but he's still Florida Man. This guy has/had a net worth of 900k, and thought that justified him acting like that? I think the manager even went so far as to order an Uber for him and let him keep his car there overnight. Given how cocky and talkative he was, I suspect there was some powdered sugar around his face from all the doughnuts he had been eating earlier. Not saying that none were bribed, just to be open minded and not assume too much. Le conseil municipal de Féy est constitué de 15 membres : 4 femmes et 11 hommes .
Okay - so lemme just say that I’ve been thinking abut this since the game came out. We would like to remind all of our users and subscribers that we do not …

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. View the profiles of people named Joel Michael. There is also a video in which you can watch the … If the post above is of an item you'd buy (tshirt/poster/mug), it is a scam. One of the men accuses Singer of punching another man. level 1 . Retrouvez la liste de tous les maires du département de la Moselle, © 2020 - - Tous droits réservés - Toute reproduction totale ou partielle sans accord écrit donnera lieu à des poursuites (mentions légales). Cookies help us deliver our Services. En effet, M. le maire, Michel DUMONT est né le 23/07/1958. It is just excellent every time and you can't NOT watch it.

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