My son is in ninth grade. What does his mother think of all the attention now? But Julian said he didn’t mind; it just motivated him. Julian’s “Pop-Pop” – Mick Fleming – is well known around Columbia County, an easy-going but successful basketball coach at Southern Columbia for 25 years – 8 with boys, 17 with girls. I think he’s a pretty down-to-earth guy. "It's great. Mick, 70, has been around college recruiting plenty because of his coaching experience. It’s not as if Fleming doesn’t know this. The former Pitt fullback played four seasons with the New York Giants (2011-14) and was a minor star in their Super Bowl 46 victory over the New England Patriots with effective lead blocking, two receptions and a fumble recovery. Fleming caught a golf cart ride with James Franklin at a Penn State 7-on-7 camp last summer. Julian intervened: “He kept yelling, ‘Pop-Pop, slow down! It’s that searing competitive streak that sets him apart. This was a kid whose internal competitive drive drove him to tears at the prospect of defeat, but whose emotions were unaffected by a coach who merely wanted to make him better. Even believing she was prepared for it, the sudden attention her son has attracted from big-name schools has blown Betsy back a bit. Southern Columbia Area (Catawissa, PA) Tigers. [1] He was a five star recruit coming out of high school and committed to Ohio State University to play college football. And he still was getting behind the defense and continually making plays. Julian Fleming never knew why it happened. And it's kind of secondary to what we're working on as a family.". Mick Fleming (center) with daughters Lisa (left) and Betsy (right) last week on vacation in Orlando. Even as he recovers from February surgery to repair a labral tear in his hip, Fleming, 17, is attracting offers from the biggest names in college football – Michigan, Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia and Penn State, among many others. And then you see him play. “I cry when I lose,” Fleming said. The Tigers’ wide receiver is only a sophomore. It doesn’t really bother him anymore. At least, not as Julian, his mother and grandfather tell it. And yet, it’s fair to say, the school has never had a player remotely like Julian Fleming. For a sophomore, he’s easily conversational and quite secure in his skin. Fleming high-points a ball in a 7-on-7 camp last summer at Penn State. Julian Fleming. In the 30-year history of PIAA championships (1988-2017), Southern Columbia has played in more than half of the Class A and 2A state finals (16) and won more than a fourth of the championships (a PIAA-record 8), all under living-legend and 400-win coach Jim Roth. He can now with Julian and his sister Quinci (5). Sometimes Curtis goes by various nicknames including Curtis Julian Fleming, Curtis Julian Fleming, Fleming Curtis Julian, Curtis J Fleming and Curtis J Fleming. "I was like, this isn't happening. Because when you’re young, you’re very busy. “The excitement keeps coming,” she said. At Pittsburgh, Mick said WR coach Kevin Sherman sat down and gave an impressive, detailed half-hour about X’s and O’s with NFL context. "He was impressive to watch because of how smooth he looked. That includes last year’s 48-0 rout of Wilmington. We’ve been a lot of places.”. “One game, she told me if I cried I’d have to sit out my next game,” Fleming said. And when I lost, I just didn’t take it very well.”, Fortunately, those moments don’t happen often. Apparently, not in the picture. On the other hand, he has a pleasant matter-of-fact personality that allows him to acknowledge his ability without feeling the need to boast about it. His second responsibility is getting an education. And he said, 'I really like you already. And he still has to concentrate to keep it from happening again. “But getting to see him in person was eye-opening for me. Menú| María Teresa Sur; Kiwi Criollo; Tambo Fundación; Inicio “But I think it’s more in my mind to keep him grounded and to keep people around him knowing that he needs to be a good kid. It all makes for plenty of formal interaction with adults, and his grandfather has made it a point to instruct Julian on how to speak in such settings: "I tell him, when somebody's interviewing you, don't say, 'I mean…' or 'You know…' You have to say what you mean. He's my baby still. But he did it in a pressure game, and he was the marked guy on the field.". For the best player in Pennsylvania, there is crying in football. To claim this profile, please confirm you are He’s really excited and in love with football.”. Shortly before kickoff, VT head coach Justin Fuente brought Julian and another recruit to the center of the field and made the Hokies’ official offer. Fleming said he had a particular coach from fifth to seventh grade on a travel team who took no excuses for poor play and managed his kids with tough love. It wasn't just easy for him, it was smooth. Who is Julian’s father? Last summer, there were four trips to campuses for various reasons – Pitt, West Virginia, Syracuse and Penn State. On a recent visit to his townhouse in the local bedroom community of Elysburg, he was asked if he always felt advanced athletically. That’s what life’s about. And he’s glad to be there for his grandson during this particularly important juncture. He knew how to set up routes. © 2005-2020 CBS Interactive. Especially with freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa having shown his stunning ability in the national championship game. “I liked him. I know.". Said 24/7 Sports' northeast expert Brian Dohn: "He's got such great body control. The offers have flowed forth since. He also owned and managed a family landscaping business that employed his kids Betsy, Todd and Lisa, as well as Julian. Racial taunts only fuel nation's top high school wideout Julian Fleming, EMAIL/TWITTER DAVID JONES: By all accounts, Fleming grew up intrinsically an empathetic and considerate kid without being told to be. “It was a fun process.”. MaxPreps is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Fleming played high school football at Southern Columbia Area High School.Fleming finished his high school football career with 4,442 receiving yards and 62 receiving touchdowns, both PIAA records. “Because sports will always be secondary. "It’s been a real education for me. Replied Hynoski: "Believe me. [3], "Ohio State commit Julian Fleming sets pair of PIAA receiving records, Michigan commit Gaige Garcia sets one too, and Southern Columbia runs win streak to 77", "Julian Fleming, Ohio State Buckeyes, Wide Receiver", "Julian Fleming, 2020 Wide Receiver -", "5-Star WR Prospect Julian Fleming Commits to Ohio State over Penn State",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 14:13. He needs to be educated. The little girl, smaller and weaker than Julian, had not tubed before and was having difficulty staying attached to the inner tube. And it’s a lot more fun to play as a wideout, he added: “You don’t have to worry about rain, slippery balls, slippery gloves. Fleming's combination of athletic fluidity and learned expertise have wowed veteran recruiting analysts and college coaches. The first time he saw freshman Julian Fleming in the Tigers' 2016 opener against the Indians, he strolled over to Mick afterward and said, "Mr. Fleming, he's Division I material." But when he was young, he didn’t understand. Fleming played high school football at Southern Columbia Area High School. I don’t think we’ll be going back there again for any reason.”. Fleming’s upbeat personality exudes a supreme self-confidence that approaches cockiness but never quite bleeds over into it. Then last fall, there was Virginia Tech. “It was fun playing with kids with the same competitive edge and the same amount of talent around me,” he said. "The measurables are all there. James Franklin made a point to pay special attention to Julian. According to Mick, about 50 recruits attended. "It was not believable," she said. Fleming is the sort of player who can act as a bridge in a Bama style change if he comes aboard in 2020. ', "That was really, really a good visit and I liked him. Mick laughs now because it’s become something of a running joke between the two: As if anyone needs a reminder of where Julian Fleming is headed.

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