gungnir’s descent-guardbreak Open up both your ‘Stat Window’ and ‘Hyper Skill Window’, then add HSP (Hyper Skill Points) to the Hyper Stat below. Hyper Stats is accessible by clicking “Hyper Stat” button in your Character Stat window. Otherwise, your damage will be kinda low. So…..I’m meant to go by the first one, it’s the same for all classes except primary and secondary stat. Damage received will be reduced by 8% of reduced HP, up to a maximum of 4000. Hi bob, Berserk skill has been replaced with a new skill called Reincarnation. That is why small additions do not necessarily impact the total. Auyumi, from a GMS stand point, I think you should tweak 4th job build. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail or subscribe without commenting. Stance does eliminate the MINOR nuisance of getting KB, but idk about KMS, but in GMS, skill books have been eliminated and for a low price of 17mil you can 100% get MW to 30. Evil Eye is auto-maxed. I have corrected Dark Knight 2nd Job Skill Build Guide to include 3 SP into Iron Will to unlock Hyper Body :), You need 3 SP into Iron Will to unlock Hyper Body. For example, let’s take a character who has 5 sources of IED: 50%, 30%, 30%, 10%, and 10%. Which job is better? You can add 6 SP into Weapon Booster first to reduce the activation delay in both skills especially Spear Sweep. Note that some parts may be more relevant to Reboot players. Learn how your comment data is processed. This guide will show you the ways to improve your Dark Knight experience. What does it do? Lv. cause my range doesn’t increase. 30 as a Warrior, talk to Dances with Balrog to accept a quest called "Way of the Spearman". Level 30: MP Cost: 85, restores 100% of Max HP immediately upon casting, ignores 10% of enemy’s Defense for 30 sec, Boss Damage: +10%, resets Gungnir’s Descent’s cooldown. Like Demon Avenger’s hyper Stat build? Has a skill that triggers automatically that ignores death and grants invincibility. Can only be used while Evil Eye of Domination is active. Gungnir’s Descent: At Master Level: Damage decreased from 312% to 250%, Number of attacks increased from 8 to 10. All explorer warriors get 100% stance by 4th job. buff duration? @H3KT1CK: Yes, max 1 skill at a time using all mastery books (20 + 30) if required. For the status resistance there is no percentage. hi ayumi, i want to ask about that hyper skill , final pact-damage and final pact-critical chance is it this 2 hyper is into passive or after activated this skill? Just wondering cuz Mille Aguilles have the same hits per minute with faster 2 and slow 10. seeing as some of the damage transitions to beholder would it be beneficient to get the 150% beholder dmg instead of, say, 20% crit? If killing x number of monster or hit boss x number of times is achieved, you regain full health. @BaD: DK benefit more from STR (Strength) to deal better damage. Hyper Body: At Master Level: Duration reduced from 300 sec to 200 sec. you only can get 60% power stance of dark knight? Magic Crash (Supportive) Trio #1: Dark Impale / Gungnir’s Descent / Nightshade Explosion What is the purpose of that then? If so what to add for Dk hyper skill. @Xavier: Magicians depends on INT (primary stat) and LUK (secondary stat) for their damage. Hi. So I guess that skill requires a skill book which can be obtain from looting boss drops such as Zakum, Chaos Zakum, Hilla. Unaffected by attack reflection. MapleStory Hyper Stats Overview. Spearman aka Dark Knight 2nd Job primary attacking skill will be both Spear Sweep and Piercing Drive. :(, Hi Dylan, you can always re-make Dragon Knight character when its not locked yet ;), OMG NOW I WISH I DIDN’T DELETED MY DRAGON KNIGHT, Hi arcticdemon, they will be arriving soon, today the latest :). As you level your character, you should balance the most important stats instead of only focusing on 1 at a time. However, for damage-optimizer player they can go with Hyper Dexterity. Hyper Strength (MAX) 10. MapleStory Hyper Skills are introduced as a supplement in 4th Job Skills which are unlocked as you progress higher levels. Does this say anything? Right now, Final Pact – Damage’s 20% Final damage only applies when reincarnation is active. La Mancha Spear (Active) Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points) save hide report. Has great healing skill which reduces HP potion consumption. I followed your skill build and maxed everything and I have about 6 skill points needed to spend but I’m at lvl 139. [Passive Effects: When HP is 78% or higher, Final Damage +1%, MSPD +6, Critical Rate +1%, and Critical Damage +5%] On top of that, a higher critical rate is pretty much useless for a Dual Blader, seeing as Shadow Meld raises the critical rate to 100% for a few seconds. Ayumilove, I’m pretty sure accuracy no longer does anything. Has useful party skill Hyper Body which boost party member HP and MP. With all extra MP reset into HP, you would have: LVL77 Maple Pyrope Hellslayer, Anniversary event only (Well scrolled karstan will be better), Level 144 | Level 129 Arch Mage (Fire/Poison), Common Big Bosses Info & How Much HP to Tank, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). @Ayumilove I play on reboot – not sure if that will change you opinion. Or am I missing something? Perhaps other Mapler here who knows can comment about it :). Every 10 levels after Level 140, Hyper Stat Points you get upon level up will be increased. Gungnir’s Descent – Boss Rush HP stat for Demon Avenger). As a mihile main, i have top quality gear such as superior gollux set, tyrants, etc. The last 4 points have to be used in order to reach 81%, 1% more. Note: Cannot use Evil Eye related skills while active, Mirrors the attack used with reduced damage. Piercing Drive (19/20) If the enemies are close, also increases your Critical Rate. The remaining can be placed into secondary stat which is STR (Strength). final pact- crit Appreciate the update :) Is Att/Matt important to be added? Cooldown: 803 sec. This guide contains information about: If they’re far away, also increases your total damage. there is no Att/MAtt hyper stats which exist in MapleSEA. Welcome to! Not sure if stance is affected while we’re jump attacking, so would that be different? Dark Knight Hyper Skill Build Guide: how do i keep myself alive when the hour glass appear? @Ayumilove btw you get 4 skill point upon 3rd job advancement. The Making of Best. What about for Night Walker? Increases Spear and Polearm Mastery. Level 1: Abnormal Status Resistance: +1, Elemental Resistance: +1% Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. in your heros guide you max mana over dex….. @Hua: I rarely reset my Hyper Skills. By the way, I use your guides all the time! So far there's been so much changes with the recent patch with the Hyper skills, New events, New Pq, and new jobs soon to be released. .-. Play a multiplayer mobile game as the classic MapleStory Explorers that you know and love: Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop. I’m currently level 144 so I have every skill maxed so far with 1 point left over waiting to be used~, I use this guide too, so I’ll chip in to help, Thanks J for your feedback! I believe that the Lord of Darkness skill is a passive skill and not a supportive skill in third job. Hi Jacky, accuracy is better for warrior. Level 10: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 305%, Max Enemies Pushed: 12. The guides here goes through several updates to sync with MapleStory. i believe that [Passive Effect: When HP is 20% or above, Damage: +30%, Movement Speed: +20, Critical Rate: +10%, Minimum Critical Damage: +15%], Final Pact (After) 11. Erm. it does nt anymore since it only reduces the status effects by the amount.. eg 50% 10 sec duration become 5 sec. 6. If you have to do add some SP to surpass Lv10 on one hyperstat, it must be … Is there anything that Nexon has done to this or it is just a glitch ? What are the reset costs for resetting Hyper Skills? Evil Eye Shock (Passive) Sort by. Something doesn’t make sense. (Ex: Lv.140 – 149 you’ll get 3, Lv.150 – 159 you’ll get 4, Lv.160 – 169 you’ll get 5, etc.). i dont get it, should i max out LUK? Not sure where flat stat falls but close to dmg. cos i cr8ed spearman tht day… and the skills are diff. thanks for telling me that on the first platform can avoid being dispelled from pap, will try tonight, though I'm an i/l. As far as mastery books, do I need to use a 20 on a skill before I can use a 30, or can it go straight from base (10) all the way to 30? Starting at Lv. Level 20: Max Targets: +1 Level 25: Consumes 100 MP, and attacks up to 12 enemies at 800% 12 times for 9 sec. Final Attack (Passive) 5. Cooldown: 22 sec. Level 1: MP Cost: 10, For 86 sec, the final damage increases by 4% of current HP ratio. 1. Great for when seduced (cannot control character). I would edit some of your guide so to my preference if that is ok with you. And 4th Job Barricade Mastery gives another 15% so that’s 50%. Required Skill: Iron Will (3) Required Level: 140 Dark Thirst I don’t spend money on Maple alot and I play MapleSEA. Unless of course the 20% damage is added to each of Gungnir’s Descent’s 12 hits before multipliers, I’m not sure how it works. For this job, you will undergo as Spearman (2nd Job Advancement), Berserker (3rd Job Advancement) and Dark Knight (4th Job Advancement). Beholder reveals itself and damages nearby enemies. @ayumilove when will the guide be updated ? 7 and above consumes a considerable amount of HSP (Hyper Stat Points) which I don’t feel worth it unless you are level 250 and this provides you with more HSP to distribute. Final pact makes the lighting horns effect right? @Soul: Polearm (PA) deals more damage than Spear but Spear has faster attack than Polearm. Evil Eye of Domination (Toggle → Passive) Keeping that in mind, a character can have up to 5 level 10s (maxed), a level 9, a level 5, and 4 points left (potentially a level 2 and/or level 1 in something like Speed). best. For instance, attacking a boss from a platform and the boss uses super knockback, it does not push me from my victim, and I could keep hack and slash :) If you are aiming to just train till Level 160 (that’s where most skills are already maxed out), then you can max Maple Warrior first :). 11. Status Resist is always good, though it has diminishing returns. Level 1: Final Pact Critical Rate: +20%. The all dark knight skills is so OP. Level . Hi LoneFillet, based on my experience, Demon Avenger (DA) is the best for low funded. Great for training in Arcane River. Please refer to MapleStory 5th Job Skills Guide for more details on Skill Cores, Special Cores and Enhancement Cores! In addition if you can let me know the fomulas of Total Damage with every self-buffed of DK including Cross Over Chain your kind response as soon as possible to this request would be very much appreciated ,Thank you for your answer.

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