Do you speak any foreign languages? The complex life of a CIA officer is unveiled in this fascinating AMA on Reddit, which reveals an existence that is both terrifying and amusing, … BUT everyone I know in Air Force MI loves it. Your post asks a lot of questions. Is the path I take up to me, or am I following a set program? Lastly, do have a skill that is in high need? It doesn't necessarily have to be one of the three I mentioned above. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Why the Army Is Putting Super Goggles on Doggos, The Pentagon’s UFO Group Is Officially Active, CIA Declassifies Lost Nuclear-Powered Bird Drone, The Engine That Will Make Air Force One Hypersonic, Air Force Wants to Ditch GPS for Magnetic Field, Pentagon Has UFO Materials, Vehicles: Report, Trump’s 'Super Duper Missile' Is Actually Real, Russia Developing Voice-Controlled Military Robots, Russia Set to Evacuate Village Over Military Test, Ufology: From Fringe Field to Serious Science. And trust me, it's even worse if you have a degree and worked in "the real world" prior to your enlistment. Good luck! Keep in mind that in the military the vast majority of Intel collection and analysis is tactical. 6.What is the culture in the military like? is answers are often sprinkled with humor and compassion that you don't feel from any military mouthpiece. If you want to join the Navy as an Intelligence Office let me know. Silliest thing I ever did was take a huge dip of Redman chewing tobacco trying to fit in with some of the hard core door kickers we employ. The Stargate files were recently made available online as part of the CIA Records Search Tool (CREST) database, which included a total of 930,000 declassified files containing more than 12 million pages, CIA officials explained in a statement. When you get done training things relax, nobody will really get in your face unless you fuck up and it will be more like a regular job but with a uniform. Lastly, there is one final path that is much more narrow. He finally said he was "quite sure" he had the picture, and proceeded to draw a bunch of grapes that had 24 globes in the cluster, the same number as in the control drawing. {{ }} {{ article.time }}, Lockdowns Cast a Shadow Over Europe's Banks Despite Strong Earnings -- Update, Fading Hopes of Big U.S. Well I was a warzone Case Officer (C/O) so you can imagine that it is already dangerous by proxy of being in a warzone. 3.Once my contract is up, what would my options be? It doesn't necessarily have to be one of the three I mentioned above. I really enjoyed reading your reply. One more thing...your SF-86 is going to be a bitch because of your foreign relatives and extensive travel outside the US, have fun with that! Spies, Intelligence and Espionage News. Regardless, the CIA’s Suggested Reading List, under Intelligence Literature, is a valuable resource not to be overlooked. In New York magazine Sharon Weinberger lays bare the reality behind the hype: Palantir is seeking to cash in on its ability to “do it all.” Over the years, the company has worked with some of the government’s most secretive agencies, including the CIA, the NSA, and the Pentagon’s Special Operations Command. So that is my advice to you. From there you will be farmed out to your unit. And I kept it from them by telling them I was a low level sales guy - which I also told everyone else - and since that's pretty boring, their truthfully weren't a whole lot of other follow up questions. A collection of declassified files for Stargate — a U.S. Army investigation of psychic abilities for use by military intelligence — was recently shared online by the CIA. I’m not sure if I’ve romanticized it to a certain point, but that’s why I’m here posting on Reddit, to gain others’ perspectives. Wild huh? Thanks for the advice! yea, thats pretty spot on. Please use our Job Fit Tool to discover where your skills and work experiences fit within the career opportunities at CIA. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. His answers are often sprinkled with humor and compassion that you don't feel from any military mouthpiece. 35N – Signals Intelligence Questions that I have: Based on the information about me that I’ve given you, which branch and MOS would you recommend? Will our solar system survive the death of our sun? I want to be out in the field talking to people, getting dirty, and using my skills. I was generally pretty safe physically during my time there with a few exceptions but nothing that left me debilitated or maimed. During these tests, researchers asked Geller to duplicate drawings that were produced by another person, whom he could neither see nor hear. Puked again. I understand the military is the best route, but I'm 28 now and don't think it's an option anymore. Jefferson Morley, editor of The Deep State news blog, is a Washington investigative reporter and author.

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