Rome is a little man with a big mouth that often stirs up controversy. Like many former players, Jackson knows a lot about the NBA game. Although given his bad attitude, it’s a wonder if any team would want him in their locker room. Stephen A. Smith at times can just be really annoying, and some of the ways he voices his opinions seem rehearsed at times. Bayless has been known for his continuous criticism of LeBron James who he called “overrated by the media.” The critique of James is not the problem, it's that Bayless likes to say things just for the sake of saying something and that's saying a lot for a guy who at the end of the day, doesn't have that much to say. Corso's signature is to dawn the headgear of the school's mascot whom he is predicting who will win the day's game at the end of ESPN's College GameDay program. She has since been let go from her position but her time as play-by-play announcer has not been forgotten. It had me think… I need to have a running Power Rankings of the worst of the worst.Why not rank the best? 7! John Clayton. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was actually talking/yelling at the TV for him to stop talking. Now, everyone can actually enjoy the tournament. The Dallas Cowboys have always been his favorite team to discuss due to his loyalty to his favorite sports team. Where do you stand on these sportscasters? But being he is such a polarizing sports figure, he has found himself on many a list of the most unliked players in the league. Colin Cowherd loves the sound of his own voice so much that he just has to be the loudest guy in the room. No Buck? His show has a lot of the witty segments that his radio show had which makes for a more enjoyable watch than other hours of Sportscenter. After joining the Oakland Raiders he told the Washington Post: “Not only am I one of the most hated players in the league, I’m now on one of the most hated teams. Michelle Beadle has a fascinating back story, but let’s be honest the only reason she got into this profession is because her rich daddy got her an internship with the San Antonio Spurs. And the constant references to personal slights dating back to the 1990s? Saturday night there were way too many good games on to have just one or even two TV’s going in my basement. There is nothing particularly special about his insights and, for the most part, Gottlieb is desperate for attention. Most Hated and Controversial Sports Figures. I honestly can’t take it anymore. To top it all off, the safety relished his bad reputation. Yes, we know — every Patriots fan loves Tom Brady. The annoyance of First Take continues as part of a top entrant cohabitation. And then there are those players who are polarizing and argued over for non-football-related reasons. Smith is the quintessential know-it-all who is supposed to have a great deal of expertise but only really has a lot of talking points and no particular purpose. Sadly, Caray makes constant mistakes while calling baseball games. His constant gripes about players' actions, mid-major performances (even as they became ever better), and the energy surrounding his games finally got him booted into retirement. Cowherd is guilty of doing this when he makes statements about LeBron James by far being the greatest player to ever play basketball, even though this is not a popular stance among a large majority. Kellerman had some big shoes to fill when Skip Bayless left the show for a more lucrative deal with FS1. Sadly, he was as overrated as an announcer as he was underrated as a player. Nichols has played the role of host of a show, sideline reporter, interviewer, and many other roles in the sports media world. It is Tuesday and I think Charles Davis is still talking about the Eagles/Vikings game Sunday. These stories are told by the sportscasters – for better or worse. Everyone, more or less, loves Magic. Next: Even the home fans didn’t like him …. Jim Rome is quick with an opinion but not with an ear – in Rome's world what he says goes and there is no compromising on that. I will literally watch everything from football to curling if it’s on. Skip Bayless is one of the most well-known commentators in the sports world, but he is mostly known for his borderline insane sports opinions that he has voiced on ESPN’s First Take and now FS1’s Undisputed. Top 10 Greatest NHL Goalies of All Time - The Lineup Ep. Most of these sportscasters are more popular for being hated than they are for any good work that they do in the entertainment industry. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Could somebody please tell this guy that we can hear him loud and clear and it's time to turn the volume down? There’s an exclusive club for players who have gone out of their way to hurt others, put their own interests above the team’s, or committed heinous acts off the gridiron that are just downright unforgivable. Seriously, since when is saying, "a hundred-yard touchdown return for the touchdown!" The entire sports world was upended when it was revealed quarterback Michael Vick was involved in a brutal dogfighting ring. Do you like or hate them? LeBron James is one of the most polarizing figures in basketball history. Kudo’s go to Golf Digest for such an interesting survey, and thanks must go to Alex Myers for putting it all together! The fact that Pete Rose was allowed in an MLB park was such a big deal that nobody wanted to address the elephant in the room but the ever-so pompous Jim Gray would think otherwise. Next: It’s never good when someone enjoys playing the villain …. Would love your thoughts, please comment. T.O.’s never-ending narcissism was most evident when he talked trash about his own quarterbacks, whether it was throwing shade at Jeff Garcia after leaving the 49ers or publicly calling out Donovan McNabb while he was on the Eagles. For readers outside Smyth's extensive broadcasting reach, … Bayless also has spoken very negatively of superstar NBA players such as Kevin Durant and LeBbron James in the past. Perhaps it is insecurity because she was Awful Announcing's pick for worst sportscaster on television, but Ward needs to let college football fans actually watch the game without constantly interrupting with her verbal drivel. Sports are about love and fun: sitting back and basking in the pure joy of watching the game. Her interviewing skills are sub-par at best and her personality comes across as cold and calculating. It didn’t take long before Owens trashed him as well. I get it, Witten was bad. The indefinable feeling you get from these sports can provide you with a lifetime of memories and stories to be told throughout the ages. Does anything else need to be said? The most admired commentators on current events are fake newscasters. While … Tim McCarver shows why over-analysis makes bad sports announcers. Many people either hate Dick Vitale or love the man, but it is apparent whenever he steps into a college basketball arena the young adults go crazy with admiration for the man who has been covering the sport for decades. Golf is his main area of expertise, and he has covered big tournaments such as the Masters while working for ESPN. He just talks and talks and talks… About nonsense, to hear himself talk. Nichols is versatile in that she has covered hockey, football, and basketball. Top 10 Most Hated Sports Commentators. The competition on Monday nights has been poor in recent years. Top 10 Most Ridiculous Sports Press Conferences, Another Top 10 Unsportsmanlike Moments in Sports, Top 10 Worst Sports Video Games of All Time, Top 10 Last Games Releasing For the Current Generation. Those who are opinionated but can also listen to the other side of the argument … This list is about none of that. The following are 15 of the worst offenders. In any event, Andrews is extremely successful, and with success tends to come a lot of haters. His understanding of the college game is unparalleled, and it's great to get an opportunity to hear his thoughts on talk shows. Miller may have been a comedy star on SNL's weekend update, but he was never meant for primetime football. Cris Collinsworth suffers so strongly by comparison that he ranks as one of the worst announcers ever in sports.

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