Amazing, one of a kind double-decker Neoplan. With the Skyliner, we make loading and unloading the luggage compartment as easy as possible: Thanks to an opening angle of up to 90 degrees, the luggage compartment flaps can be opened up to 2.24 meters high. The bus is extremely unique in that the driver sits on the lower deck — just above the height of a normal car — while the living area is on the second deck above. A journey with the Skyliner means relaxation and rest from the moment your passengers board. Try out different materials and colour combinations and create an exclusive driving experience for your passengers – individually customised for your company. Mileage: 864430 km N 4516 Centroliner / 530 / A 20 / Lion´s City, Cityliner N 113 116 ORIGINAL KM 41-Sitze TOP, Euroliner N 316 * KLIMA * bedingt fahrfähig, Gefangenentransporter MB-AT Motor und KLIMA, N 1116/3 HC / Cityliner / 416 / 580 / 415, N 1216 HD / Cityliner / 580 / Travego / Tourismo, N 1217 HD Cityliner / Tourismo / 415 / 416, N 1217 HD Cityliner C 55-Sitze EEV 3-PUNKT-GURTE. An innovator from the very beginning, they were among the first to move from the rounded design of older mid-20th century buses to the more square design common today. This speeds up the boarding process. So why am I selling it? I recommend the rooftop deck for static use only. In fact, it turns more heads than anything you can imagine when driving down the road. If you want to narrow the search results, please go back to the top of the page and use the "advanced search" option, then define the brand, model, price and/or location of the used Neoplan bus/Coach you are interested in. You can comfortably sleep four, and maybe squeeze in six if you need to. There is a queen sized bed in the bedroom. Depending on the equipment, this can give you up to 79 seats. There are window coverings for every window — including the second deck windshield. Experience an interactive virtual tour through our luxury double-decker coach. A variety of equipment details ensures an appealing feel-good atmosphere on board, from interior design, air conditioning and entertainment to the on-board kitchen and the WC which can be used at all times, to abundant storage space for luggage. Neoplan is a German bus manufacturer founded in 1935. Do you want to create an ambience that appeals to all the senses and is fully tailored to your travel company? With a volume of up to 11 m³, it offers the largest luggage compartment of all double-decker buses. It has a SilverLeaf DDEC systems monitor that gives you rolling diagnostics on the engine. The active, electronically controlled suspension CDS (Comfort Drive Suspension) not only increases driving comfort, but also road safety. A relaxing, enjoyable journey with NEOPLAN Treat your passengers to an unparalleled travel experience: our premium coaches combine design, innovation and exclusivity of the highest quality. These highly sought after vehicles go quickly, so make sure to check back often! We offer a virtually limitless variety of special equipment packages and exclusive equipment options. that don't have a specific search field. If you get bored with just two levels, then you can pop open the hatch above the captain’s chairs, put up the collapsable aluminum ladder, and climb up top for a third viewing deck, which is decked in aluminum catwalk material. It has two captain’s chairs, a loveseat, and a full sized coach that pulls out into a sleeper. It has a Webasto diesel hydronic heater that provides quiet, efficient and consistent heat in the living area. I’m an attorney with a busy practice and two young kids. Whether you're looking for a closed or open top, custom built or classic, at you will find the very best double decker buses for sale in the USA. Exterior has some panels with rust perforation. Our double-decker coach is our flagship and is sure to bring delight on every journey – inside and out. The innovative staircase offers additional comfort on board with more seats, and it also speeds up getting on board and vacating the vehicle. Neoplan Skyliner Double-Decker Bus (2019) Exterior and Interior - … Provide your passengers with a relaxing travel experience on every route. The Skyliner combines sophisticated style elements such as the visor look of the forebody, the dynamically angled wheel arches and the diamond cut of the windows along the edge of the roof to form the perfect exterior. It has a Vanner battery equalizer. My wife takes this to the WeFest country music festival every year, and it’s the hit of the campground. NEOPLAN buses: 329 offers, search and find ads for new and used NEOPLAN buses for sale — Autoline USA Autoline is online marketplace for selling commercial vehicles, trucks, construction, agricultural vehicles and spare parts. We also have a very unique opportunity for people looking for an open top double decker bus: With our extensive industry connections, we are able to offer a highly unique custom build of an open top double decker, built on an International chassis and replicating classic early-mid 20th century Chicago double deckers. It’s modern, beautiful and custom. Check to limit your search to buses listed for sale within the last 60 days. At the same time, the drive system achieves particularly low fuel consumption and thus ensures excellent travel economy. This is a One Of A Kind , Prototype , 2001 , Neoplan , Double Decker , Intermodel Bus. The air-conditioning systems in our vehicles contain fluorinated greenhouse gases (R134a / GWP 1430 with up to 1.15 kg equivalent to 1.6445 t CO2). This supplies 150 amps of 3-stage, temperature compensated charging. It’s especially fun the first time the folks in the captains chairs get to experience a highway bridge. Experience the unique travel experience of our Skyliner for yourself: Our 360° panoramic images invite you to do so. Electronically controlled dampers respond to changing loading and driving conditions at lightning speed and adjust the hardness and intensity of the damping to the new conditions in milliseconds. The electrical system is really unique and well-thought out, as it was designed by the engineers who lived in it. It was designed to hold motorcycles or scooters. At present, it is completely usable and drivable to your destination, but you’d need to certainly fix the plumbing issues before camping in it. Then look no further than NEOPLAN Individual and have your Skyliner configured according to your wishes. Double decker coach. I might be willing to sell the Crosley for the right price if somebody absolutely has to have it — BUT THE BUS DOES NOT COME WITH THE CROSLEY. The intelligent transmissions technology increases driving comfort considerably. It has three suspension positions: low, normal, and high (for rough terrain and low speeds). Send your passengers on a high-life journey: With the Skyliner, we have brought together two top-class bus worlds in one vehicle for you. With our latest Multi-Media Coach (MMC) in the cockpit, your drivers will always have control over navigation, mobile phones and entertainment for their passengers. You may sort the ads of Neoplan bus/Coach by price, year of production, meter readout or country. You can also learn about Neoplan bus… The motor and transmission run fantastic. together with the ring-shaped LED daytime driving lights – ‘Angel Eyes’ – they ensure an optimal view and visibility on the road. Special hinges on the luggage compartment door also increase the clear width of the aisle. It airs up immediately. There is also a list of all used Neoplan bus/Coach grouped by model. 1980 Leyland Olympian Double Decker Jungle Play Bus, Importing Buses Into Africa & South Africa. At that time, it was refitted with a new, early 90s Detroit Diesel 8v92TA (DDEC) rated at 475 HP and an Allison ATEC HTB 748 transmission (auto, 4 sp.). The navigation system was specially developed for coach traffic and reliably informs you about traffic restrictions, such as the height and weight of your vehicle. You may sort the ads of Neoplan bus/Coach by price, year of production, meter readout or country. Here is a list of currently available used Neoplan bus/Coach for sale at This means your Skyliner with 4-star seat layout can be equipped with two additional seats. The people who get to sit on the captains chairs have their own front window looking out at the world. I’d have no problem getting in the bus today and driving cross country — its that mechanically reliable — and it goes 70 mph down the highway in total comfort. The six-cylinder in-line engine with 375 kW (510 HP) offers an outstanding consumption-performance ratio and runs smoothly and quietly. There is also a list of all used Neoplan bus/Coach grouped by model.You can also learn about Neoplan bus/Coach in Mascus Brands section. The skilful mix of curves and edges of its multi award-winning Sharp Cut-Design is visually impressive and ensures the best aerodynamics. Remember to visit Mascus on regular basis, as new classifieds with used trucks, tractor units, trailers, vans & light commercials and bus/coach as well as other trucks, bus and transport vehicles are added every day. The comfortable standing height of 1.80 meters also ensures that all on-board travellers feel at ease. Price: $11,180. They are also highly favored for RV conversions since they allow two stories of space at a length similar to a regular motorcoach. The MAN TipMatic® coach generation of your Skyliner has the perfect shifting strategy for any driving situation – from taking off on inclines, slopes and curves to providing assistance in heavy traffic. The skilful mix of curves and edges of its multi award-winning Sharp Cut-Design is visually impressive and ensures the best aerodynamics. in the descriptions of the buses. We look forward to helping you find the perfect double decker bus for you. The brains of the system is a Xantrex SW4024 Inverter/Charger with a Link-10 battery monitor. Beauty that also ensures the best in aerodynamics: three-dimensional curved windscreen, flush doors and skylights, lateral indentations and defined separation edge at the rear. N 316 Euroliner/Transliner/415/315/Original-KM! The bus has been stored indoors at my lake cabin in NW Minnesota, about an hour from Fargo, ND or 3 hours from Minneapolis. With the latest equipment option of the Skyliner, we arranged the front stairs on the right-hand side.

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