Fulfill all our desires for ever. I am seeing a light, which is again and again drunk, Saamajavaragamana! Who makes people happy and cool by his sight, Who enjoys himself in sweet and pure music, Who is like a sea for happiness and is shining, And reach the permanent place near yours, He runs in between the herds of cows, And who has not left childish acts and who is primeval. And several other things which are very pretty, You can find lyrics of all the 11 songs in the Album Aardrageethangal in www.malayalamsongslyrics.com click here to get the lyrics. Who wished to be salutations by blue lotus flowers below Krishna’s feet, Who has a pure form, who is of incomparable prettiness, is it my heart which fell into the ocean of your life?] Sisiramamrutha vakye, seethalam drushi pathe, Which are attacked by avarice and great desire. We salute the feet of the amorous one of Vallavas, Case study convertible debt: priyanka chopra essay research papers part i in swathanthryam islamil malayalam Sthree essay language. But you do not seem to want to be the Lord of sages with sense control. And who wears a garland of forest flowers. Which due to their luck appeared, before the lovelorn doe eyed damsels, Victory to my life involved in composing a prayer, Blessed with the taste of nectar and the beauty of meaning are your words, I salute Lord Krishna, who is full of happiness of childhood, Which is like a pretty lotus blessed by Lakshmi in the pond, Who is the treasure house of beauty, who is the home of all the wonders of the world, Though his garland is the rope used to tie the cows, His moon like face on us? Examines all and the places in front of you, Advice about worshipping Gods,other than the king of my heart?  Chanura dwishi bhaktha kanmasha mushi sreyapushi sree jushi.., 2-98. Wonderful are the lotus feet of Krishna appearing before me, Your feet are like beautiful flowers! Which is new every day, which is anxious to fulfill more desires, And is doubling the moon light on all sides Like the mountain subjected to Vajrayudha, Salutations to the gift of God to Yasoda, who is indescribable great light, Which defeats the autumn moon by the light of its smile, And prettily walks around with its lotus like little feet. We praise with reverence that child form, And which is subject of the passionate glances of Vruja lasses, protect me. That power which is of indescribable light stealing other’s mind, Who is extremely playful, who decorates his hair with peacock feathers, Gopalaa jira kardhame viharase vipradhware lajjase, Below trees of Brindavan, in the midst of herds of cows, Who moves his blue lotus like eyes sideways, Due to her anger that one of her co wives, And also youthfulness in his age. Which has flute in hand, which is blessed with natural youth, “Hey Krishna, please drink the milk kept in the golden cup, Where pecock which is the steed of Subrahmanya dances Who has an ever smiling face, And whose hair is drowned by the flowers rained by the deva maidens. Immediately forget the loving relation of their husbands, Whose bewitching hair is decorated by peacock feathers and flower garland, The blessings of God for fulfilling that wish, By the sight of his ever shifting eyes,  Bala kaschana chootha pallava ithi pranthasmitha sya sriyam, And being the lover and a sweet God for the groups of Vallava maidens, pada niswanam pinneyum pinneyum aro nilavaththu pon venu oothunna mridu manthranam pular nila chillayi kuliridum manjinte poovithal thullikal peythathavam alayumee thennalen karalile thanthriyil alasamay kai viral cherthathavam mizhikalil kurukunna pranyamam pravinte chirakukal melle pidanjathavam (2) thane thurakkunna jalaka chillil theli nizhal I salute that child Gopala who is blue like the blue lotus, Whose words appear to be a rain of sweetness, And which is always smiling and is the ultimate sweetness. Which is embraced by the passionate playful glance if Gopis, Let our mind be full of that bright light, Ha hantha hastha pada dhooramaho kimetha, Who is denoted by the word Narasimha, who removes the sorrow of devas, And went on gobbling the fresh butter there. Who makes his mother tired because when she comes in search, That you are the Krishna full of mercy, Whose shine wins over the water laden black clouds, Who wears on his neck as an ornament of tiger’s nails, Your feet are like beautiful flowers!  Sahrudha jana dhayam, naumi Gopala balam.., 2-89. Who sits cross legged and who has eyes which are like fully open lotus flower. Whose body shines as he eats new butter and drinks new milk, Who wanted to be garlands made of emeralds on his neck, Who is walking slowly and prettily like an elephant in rut, Which attracts the mind of people interested only in play, Soubhagya seema thadhidham vruja bhagya seema.., 1-73, Madhuryena dwiguna sisuram vakthrachandram vahanthi, Which are fit to be worshipped, And meditating on Krishna who is the ornament to Yadava clan, And who is having a mole called Srivathsa on him. Aa muthanikkaalil muthichirikkana kolussu aayi en mizhikal Which is also visible to the deva maidens of the sky, And which is always ready to give, Who takes care of others and who helps Brahma sitting on a lotus. I worship that sweet child with blue colour,  Vakthropatha kruthanjali krutha sira kambham piban ya paya, And an expert in line drawings and his very shy face with a gentle smile Who has lotus like feet which jeer the redness of the fully opened lotus flower, Who is great and is far beyond the reach of words, And who is a great ornament for the damsels of Gopa clan. I salute that child Gopala, who is saluted by seers and devas, By which both his cheeks are shining, There are only three places where, And is subdued by the arrows of the God of love. Beats hollow a crowd of lotus flowers, Sarasa guna nikaayam, sachidananda kaayam, And her shy slightly bent head,was hugged tightly, To play with the wonder child Krishna, By your merciful looks which shine in different colours, Rukhmani the princess of Kundinapura, I pray Govinda who likes the sweet songs of the flute, And when I will be lucky to get my mind cooled by the music of your flute? The God tied a bull for milking and let both of them make us pure. Chathurya seema chathuranana shilpa seema, And who is the source of all the mercy. And who killed the bad man called Kamsa, “Hey Radha, how do you do?” and hearing those words, And who is the blue moon got by the, Salvation would come and reach me with folded hands, And the love, hospitality and offerings of the wives of sages. I am hunting for the lord, who is the well matured sweetness, On the pearls of her chain lying over her very high breasts, He is the one who stole the pride of Indra, the king of devas, Who has ever shifting looks and who has extremely bewitching eyes. Please hear my advice and search, The son of Devaki played flute extremely well. Embraced me tightly using his emerald pillar like hands, Walking with his wonderful feet accompanied, With slight bends at the head, hips and his feet, There exists in the epics, a form of a child, In this rapid water like flow of the life of a man, I saw in my dream that the God with his Thulsi Garland, By Krishna saying, “Is this a new leaf of a mango tree”, And which shine by the light of the smile of his moon like face. By the gopa lass and let him save us. And who appeared as the God to be meditated upon by Yogis. Who has a very fresh and pretty face at the end of the sleep, Let there be victory to the thoughts in my mind about, Which is full of the honey from, the pollen of the music from his flute, To tell that other small pleasures would automatically follow? My salutations you, who has come in front of me. When my soul is leaving the body, let the God be there, Victory, victory victory to God, And who is the divine black ointment to find out the treasure of salvation to sages. Who has lips which are smiling, And who is an extremely pretty sight.  Matha kanchana vathsakam mrugayithum maa gaa vishadam kshanaa, Who completely removes all illusion, who is the friend of well gained wealth, Who keeps the holes of the flute in his slightly bent face, That came from the mischievous face of yours, No space between hair locks, has breadth in his eyes, Your face which is complete with several crescents of sweet words, Who has shown his child form because of mercy, Which does service to heart melting prayers and Vedic manthras, Alas is far,far away from my hands. When will the merciful God, look at me with his eyes,  Satha mukha ripu kalam saatha kumbhabha chelam,  Nava jala dhara neelam, naumi Gopala Balam.., 2-88.

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