[8] During the contest, Nicole Bass debuted as Sable's bodyguard and helped her win the match. At Vengeance, Sable defeated Stephanie after interference by her new ally, A-Train. She left WWE in the summer of 2004 and we haven’t seen her since. [8][10], She made her World Wrestling Federation debut as Sable at WrestleMania XII in March 1996, escorting Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the ring as he took on the returning Ultimate Warrior. [2] She was the first woman in history to be given two Playboy covers in the same year. [17][18] On November 15, 1998 at Survivor Series, she dropped the title to Sable, who won after powerbombing both Marc and Jacqueline during the match. [8] Surrounding the release of the issue, the Sable character turned heel by "going Hollywood" and having an inflated ego. I thought it was a nuisance lawsuit. [22], In June 1999, Sable quit the WWF and filed a $110 million lawsuit against the company, citing allegations of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. Every pro wrestler has a varying amount of insecurities and anxieties, every one of them. She also appeared in the April and September 1999 Playboy, and March 2004 with Torrie Wilson. Sable is now married to Brock Lesnar. [30] The change was rumored to have occurred because Sable had suffered damage to her breast implants while weightlifting. [3][4] Sable's first major angle involved her then real-life husband, who debuted at WrestleMania XII as "Wildman" Marc Mero. [23] Sable reduced the amount she was seeking in damages, and they eventually settled out of court in August 1999. The lawsuit surprised Jim Ross as he revealed on Grilling JR, but she certainly had some backstage heat in the company. [8] She debuted a new catchphrase: "This is for all the women who want to be me and all the men who come to see me" and a dance move called "the grind. Jim Ross explained that Sable “listened to the wrong people” and this got her a bit of heat. Rena Marlette Lesnar (née Greek, formerly Mero; born August 8, 1967), better known as Sable, is an American model, actress, and retired professional wrestler. [10] On November 13 and 14, 2001, she appeared as the on-camera "CEO" of the newly formed Xcitement Wrestling Federation (XWF), but these were her only appearances with the company. Surrounding the release of the cover, the duo feuded with Raw divas Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie, even though all four women were faces at the time. WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has two sons with Sable Credit: Getty Images - Getty Brock Lesnar and Sable. Sable left WWE in 1999, but prior to that she was one of the biggest draws in the company. She began working for WWE in 1996. In Sable's last WWE run in 2003 and 2004, she found new rivals in Torrie Wilson and Stephanie McMahon. After the match, Wilson went up to Sable and kissed her before exiting the ring. In addition, Sable would also meet the man of her dreams during the run, Brock Lesnar. It’s every little girl’s dream. Sable is an American retired wrestler best known during her time wrestling under WWE. After SummerSlam, Vince and Sable focused on getting rid of Stephanie for good, so Vince made an "I Quit" match at No Mercy. She joined WWE in 1996, gaining so much popularity and became a fan favorite. EC3 Is Already Done With Impact Wrestling, WWE Cancels Trademark On Cody Rhodes’ Name, Top WWE Superstars Prefer Scripted Promos Instead Of Improvising Them, WWE RAW Draws Lowest Quarter Hour In History This Week, WWE Setting Up Future Title Matches For After Survivor Series, Dakota Kai Admits It’s ‘Strange’ Having Triple H & Shawn Michaels As Her Bosses, Triple H Cracks Joke At Photo Of Stephanie McMahon Wearing Bray Wyatt Fiend Mask, Brock Lesnar Switches Up His Look After WWE Exit, WATCH Shotzi Blackheart Break Down Over Destroyed Tank After WWE NXT, Two Title Matches Booked For WWE NXT Next Week. [7] Outside wrestling, she is considered to be a sex symbol and has been featured on the cover of Playboy three times. During their angle, the evil Sable followed Wilson down to her matches, talked with her backstage, and on one occasion, she left Wilson in a tag match alone to fend for herself. After the match, The Undertaker held Sable so that Stephanie could use a Spear attack on her. See more ideas about Sable wwe, Wwe, Wwe divas. [2] Sable at this time was also very unpopular backstage, to the extent that Sean Waltman has since admitted to playing a nasty practical joke on her last day with the WWF. [20], Rena Mero returned to the WWF, which is now known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on the April 3, 2003 episode of SmackDown!, reprising her role as Sable. [20] Sable's final appearance in WWE was on the August 5, 2004 episode of SmackDown! On the cover, she appeared with fellow diva Torrie Wilson, making them the first WWE Divas to pose in Playboy together. [1][2] After her WWF exit, she made an on-camera appearance as an audience member on World Championship Wrestling's Monday Nitro on June 14, 1999. The feud culminated at The Great American Bash, where Sable defeated Wilson despite the referee not noticing that one of Wilson's shoulders were not down. After becoming a heel and leaving the company, she filed a $110 million lawsuit against the company, citing allegations of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. [8] She was active in her youth and was interested in activities such as gymnastics, horseback riding, and softball. Before the couple divorced in 2004, Greek began dating professional wrestler Brock Lesnar, to whom she became engaged later that year. After winning her first beauty pageant when she was twelve, she eventually became a model in 1990, working with companies such as L'Oréal, Pepsi, and Guess?. [21] Sable also feuded with Luna Vachon, who had turned face. Not seeing Sable in a match, having her in a house show when she was there as an attraction, it was nice, but we didn’t have to have her. Normally in an Evening Gown match, the winner is the woman who forcibly removes her opponent's dress, which Sable did. The storyline started when Marc Mero witnessed Sable being mistreated by Helmsley backstage, so Mero attacked Helmsley and took Sable as his manager. [10] She released her autobiography, entitled Undefeated in August 2000. She also delivered a TKO and pinned Luna to finish the match, with the crowd chanting Sable's name in the background. They had a daughter named Mariah,[8][2] and remained married until Richardson died in a drunk driving accident in 1991. Jacqueline claimed the title after Marc Mero interfered. Breathtakingly beautiful and tough inside the ring, Sable debuted in 1996 when she accompanied a young Triple H to the ring at WrestleMania XII. During the match, Sable slapped Stephanie and was involved in a scuffle with Linda McMahon. She began wearing Hollywood shades to the ring, and looked down with scorn on the people who loved her. It comes back down to me as being egocentric. Today's women of WWE owe Sable a lot of gratitude. But she got a little too big for her britches.”, “We were not going to release her. As Sable, she gained considerable popularity. She is also a model and an actress and has appeared in several films. She also made appearances on television shows such as Relic Hunter and First Wave and in the films Corky Romano as a female bouncer and Ariana's Quest. Sable's popularity skyrocketed as she landed on the cover of mainstream magazines like TV Guide, but the weight of fame may have been too much for Sable to bear. Sable channeled her new attitude into a more aggressive in-ring style as she battled Luna Vachon and Debra before leaving WWE in 1999. [3] The April 1999 issue of the magazine with her on the cover was one of the highest selling issues in Playboy history. [19] During this time, Rena appeared on an episode of the USA Network show Pacific Blue. [3] After feuding with Luna Vachon, and Jacqueline, Sable became the second WWF Women's Champion after the title was reinstated into the company. In response, Sable gave McMahon the double finger. A long war between her and Mero and Jacqueline (who became Mero's manager) ensued, and that led to Sable winning the Women's Championship from her nemesis at the Survivor Series in 1998. Sable then had an altercation with the guest judge Tazz, dumping water on him on the following edition of SmackDown!, as a means of gaining revenge for declaring Wilson the winner. That may be her greatest legacy. Eventually, a rift developed between two, punctuated by Sable delivering a kick to the groin and a powerbomb (which she dubbed the "Sable bomb") to Mero. Between 1997 and the time he returned from his injury in 1998, Sable became popular on her own. As part of the storyline, WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels, however, ruled that the woman who had lost her dress was the winner, making Debra the new Women's Champion.

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