I can sing many of her songs effortlessly, and I'm an alto myself (my vocal range is similar to hers but my voice is obviously not as good as hers!). Copied the profile structure from another singer and then changed the bits for Shakira, missing the vocal type. What could cause your index finger to twitch and your wrist and hand to tingle? You do realize this profile actually says her vocal styling incorporates arabic influences. It's not soul/blues influenced singing that's why it doesn't suit jazz/soul/r'n'b music, I suppose. You forgot the part about her containing a goat in her throat ;o). Thought I'd state because I'm still getting emails.I've left it up because people are still reading the profiles. What percentage of alcoholics successfully complete the Salvation Army program? She sounds very feminie...A true contralto would not even straddle the line between man and woman. 2013-02-07 13:16:15. shakira`s vocal range is 3 octave and 1 note. I'm a fan of Shakira's works (mostly her spanish material), and I've never really heard her put on a masculine timbre, the darkest I've heard her voice be is in this passage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXQXs3Lr0UA From :58 to 1:13. people get the impression that a contralto should sound almost near to a tenor to be identified as one. Vocal Range: 3 Octaves 1 note E3-D6. And another thing, just her pretty face? When did organ music become associated with baseball? Currently it's dead. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. When you hear one, you hear a man at first impression (In pop of course). Contraltos have a slightly mannish, androgynous sound throughout most of the voice, not just the lower register. What year did Halloween fall on a Saturday? So what causes her to sound like a goat? Shakira is a lyric mezzo with some agility. Whistle Register: No. but because her voice is at the higher end of the contralto family she will have good execution of high notes. I'm sorry this is not Selena Gomez profile. 2013-02-07 13:16:15. Shakira is one of my favorite artists but your  the above term associated with her voice  is incorrect. She's improved drastically at pronouncing English sounds (earlier in her career, for example, she had a much harder time with pronunciation), but it's still not her first language. ?You've probably never heard a true contralto or you don't know the meaning of the word.She's definately no lower than a lyric mezzo soprano... i heard that she was a mezzo soprano but i disagree shes an alto. 1. Shakira Vocal Range /Profile. She is  an opera singer from Poland. That term is distinctly an operatic distinction. You should look up Antes De Las Seis, The One, Lo Que Mas, any song like that and you'll see the reason for her fame. What does mbs adj on a bank statement mean? Contralto is Odetta, for example, or Nina Simone with very very solid and resonating sound in the lower register and very often they sound like male singers. She's a brilliant lyricist - look up Octavo Dia or Pies Descalzos, she can play several instruments, she writes all her own lyrics and music and produces it too, and has a strong, beautiful voice. I'd say like many other singers who are very wrongly classed as contraltos on this site that she's a low lyric mezzo. Very far off from a contralto, even at her darkest. You may not like her, but I love the unique tone of her voice. So, to call her a 'coloratura contralto' is taking things too far. I personally think that a lot of the criticism of her sound comes from the fact that she is not a native English speaker- there is a marked difference in the way she sings in Spanish versus the way she sings in English. but her tessitura has the qualities of a contralto whether people want to say she's a mezzo or not. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. She's an alto, definitely. Vocally, she's good. If she was in opera, she'd be singing the fuller lyric mezzo soprano parts between G3-B5, possibly up to E6. Its the same reason why people  would have seen Diana Ross noted as having a whistle register until I spotted it the day after posting and sharply changed it! This is not a 'coloratura contralto'. Amened now. Ugh, it annoys me when ignorant U.S. citizens who have only heard She Wolf and Waka Waka say that. You probably know more about it than me, so correct me if you want to. Top Answer. It doesn't really matter to me though, because either way her voice is very unique. Obviously that's your opinion, as people all over the world love her. In spite of gaining a little weight-  by Hollywood standards-and looking a little tired , Christina Aguilera is still out there promo... Demi Lovato Vocal Type: Full-Lyric Soprano Vocal Range: C#3 - Bb5 - EB7 (4 octaves one note) Vocal Strengths: In possession of a str... Christina Aguilera on Connan and The 2010 American Music Awards. She isn't a coloratura. Although I agree, when she tries to sing louder, since the Voice's live band's sound equipment is way too loud for whatever reason, she depresses her larynx to try to compensate for their technical incompetence there, ultimately straining her voice and sounding even unnaturally low for a female. I agree that she is a contralto. Geez who writes these things? Personal preferences and intonation aside, she's quite a good singer. Mariah Carey Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano (considers herself an alto) Vocal Range: 5 octaves 2 notes and a semi-tone . Answer. What Is All The Braille Pokemon emerald And Ruby? I agree that Shakira is a contralto at the least. What does gsh stand for on the Chicago Bears jersey? Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? But she's definitely does NOT have an operatic voice. How can I get in touch with Denzel Washington's mother lenox? not just in one area. But still she's unique and I love her. A coloratura contralto would be Ewa Podles. In opera it's quite common to hear mezzos and some sopranos with manly lower registers, because a truly supported lower register will sound masculine at times (this becomes more prevalent in lower voices), pop is no different. Oh, she's definitely a contralto, she sounded deeper than all of the other three MALE coaches on The Voice because her voice goes so deep. the fact  she can yodel explain why some times she sounds like a goat. voice doesn't have the sharpness in high notes to be considered a true mezzo. I'm a soprano, and sometimes I have difficulty singing her lowest notes. What is the rhythmic pattern of bahay kubo? But she seems to have quite a deep voice if you listen to the live version of "No", or the songs "Las De Las Intuicion" or other songs like that. She has good qualities and would be a good singer, but the tone of her voice, kinda nasal, is incredible annoying. Although her voice is large and very dark. A contralto will always be thick on her top notes compared to a mezzo with a similar timbre, and also lack the brightness in chest, comparably to a similar mezzo. It is however, an alto voice. :). Shakira's sound is pretty feminine. Remember that contralto is still a female voice so it will have mezzo qualities to it cause it's not far from it's mezzo-soprano counterpart. A real coloratura contralto would be Annie Lennox. I don't like her voice at all. wrong, she's not a mezzo-soprano, she's a Coloratura Contralto. She sound like a sick goat and makes millions for that. I guess many don't like her voice because of its unusual sounding, it's very raw-folk-and arabic influenced, that's why I adore when she sings rock music or some folk stuff.

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