This means that I can post discount codes offering huge savings to you guys! ( Log Out /  programs: that's because the Discovery Channel ordered a whopping 52 episodes of another Street Outlaws program that centers almost entirely on the OKC's 405 crew. Copyright © 2007-2020 The Capital Sports Report. The program's not only spawned several seasons, but has also managed to churn out some spinoffs featuring awesome automotive works of art that are tinkered with to no end. Watch #StreetOutlaws: Memphis Mondays at 8p on @Discovery. But he said he will be back in a car one day in the future. Lots of late nights in the shop with this girl right here. All's well that ends well though. Anthony Caruso III is the Publisher of The Capital Sports Report. Even though the exact date hasn't been listed, they will probably debut around fall 2020. This tells us that he earns a bit more than $20,000 per episode. #MotorMonday, A post shared by Street Outlaws (@stoutlaws) on May 25, 2020 at 7:43am PDT. Fastest in America will highlight driving teams from South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, Michigan, Louisiana, Tennessee, and various Northeastern states. Your use of our work does not constitute any right or license for you to use our trademarks, without the prior written permission of The Capital Sports Report. Some of the fastest cars and drivers are from the region, and that type of competition is what breeds excellence. Is 'Street Outlaws' Fake? That's because production has reportedly ordered some 50 episodes of the original Street Outlaws show with the 405 in it. “I am fine if you can call being yellow, black, blue, green, and a wonderful shade of purple from my neck to my calves,” Love said. And while there's no shortage of episodes, fans want to know if the OKC team is coming back to TV in 2020. #streetoutlaws #midweststretcars #favoritehoodie #favoritedesign #20percentoff #thinkshewillnotice? Big Chief says that he and his team ultimately learned about the F.I.A. filming through Facebook posts and when they applied to race in the contest, only then did they learn it was a Discovery production, which made things super awkward. Big Chief managed to win a huge No Prep Kings race in September 2019, and it looks like he's ready to get his car back into the win column. ( Log Out /  The 405 Crew will hopefully be back on 'Street Outlaws' in 2020. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So if you're regarded as being fast in the OKC, it's like being able to make a mean sandwich in New Jersey: you must be good if that's the case. AAAND all you have to do to ENTER TO WIN is TAG your BFF! #streetoutlaws #midweststreetcars #specialtires #matchedset #changemytires #theraceisover #change #my #tires #homewrecker #casualfriday #valentimesdaypants #torquewrench #fullytorquedbro #calibratedbynassa #chutesandladders #lol, A post shared by Justin Shearer (@bigchiefokc) on Feb 14, 2020 at 12:44pm PST. No matter how hard we work (long hours in the shop, in the office, on the street till sun up, driving 20+ hours to the next track, setting up merch, finding the money and parts to keep the car running etc etc) somehow she always finds the time, to look amazing. Or are you not watching Fastest in America because the 405 aren't on it? That's no consolation for the guys who wanted to nab the sweet $100,000 prize money, the most ever in street racing history, according to Discovery, that's being offered up on Fastest in America. You can see Big Chief talk about the whole thing below. Change ). So there's a good chance they're still going to be on TV, and maybe are already busy filming episodes outside of the Fastest in America series. Jackie is back here in the shop filling up her nitrous bottles for Valentines Day. It's clear that Big Chief and everyone involved with the 405 are the big reasons why everyone watches the show in the first place, so what happened to them? #streetoutlaws #cuspofgreatness #orrredgeofdefeat #lol #eitherwayillbeswingingforthefences #lightweight #andbreezy #hmm, A post shared by Justin Shearer (@bigchiefokc) on Jan 20, 2020 at 11:09am PST. 'The Great British Bake Off's Japanese Week Sparks Controversy. He wrote that he was in a very bad accident in a ‘very important race’ in Nebraska. Don’t forget that everything on the website (including the classic zip up Jackie is wearing in this pic....look up lol) is 20% off if you use the coupon code VDAY2020 at checkout!!! I couldn’t do this without any of you!”. They are: While there are several folks who are upset that the 405 crew won't be in "Fastest in America," as the group is comprised of some of the speediest "No Prep Kings" drivers, the aforementioned areas also featured some seriously scary fast drivers themselves. What’s even cooler than that??? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. However, absent, is the OG Oklahoma City 405 crew. The Discovery series Street Outlaws features a bevy of personalities in addition to the high octane, real racing action. That's because production has reportedly ordered some 50 episodes of the original Street Outlaws show with the 405 in it. They are letting us pick two lucky winners for the (monster truck announcer voice) “Ultimate Fan Experience”!!! Also known as the "405" crew, the "original" racers on the show are beloved by many fans of the series and while the other shows in the Street Outlaws world, like Fastest in America, receive great ratings and feature some amazing drag contests, a quick visit to the comments section on any Street Outlaws post will reveal a ton of hate for any shows that don't feature the 405. So there's a good chance they're still going to be on TV, and maybe are already busy filming episodes outside of the Fastest in America series. View all posts by Anthony Caruso III →. All Rights Reserved. 2020-01-20T18:54:09-05:00. Racing Fans Claims It's "99% Real", Justin "Big Chief" Shearer Is Not Leaving 'Street Outlaws' Anytime Soon. Or if you’re single (congrats btw lol) post up a pic of your road dog or shop buddy! “We will come back better, stronger, and faster somehow,” Love said. Street Outlaws Cast Dominator’s net worth is said to be $1million. The Chief's gone through some changes throughout his tenure on the program. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Until then post your questions here and I will get to the answers ASAP! Watch an all-new #StreetOutlaws: Memphis tonight at 8p on @Discovery. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. #whowoulddosuchathing #probsameguythatstolehercreditcard #andboughtallthosefireworks #VDAY2020 #dayoftheV #caddyjac #allass #nassa #two15lbBottles #twoguns #oneforeachofya, A post shared by Justin Shearer (@bigchiefokc) on Feb 13, 2020 at 7:07am PST, Found the perfect tree, and put our name on it. Enter your email address to follow this publication and receive notifications of new posts by email. First, his 1972 Pontiac LeMans, aka "The Crow" was wrecked during a gnarly race, which was captured on Street Outlaws. Winners to be drawn and announced TODAY! You can check out all of the Street Outlaws action on Discovery Channel on Mondays at 8 p.m.. Who do you think is going to take the top spot this season? #ifeelatuesdaycoming #kakaaawww #mywholelifeisarace #packuptherippedjeans #weareheadedtoarizona #makingitweirdontherichguys #raisinghell #raisingarizona, A post shared by Justin Shearer (@bigchiefokc) on Mar 10, 2020 at 1:49pm PDT. If you're into the world of street drag racing, then you know that Oklahoma City is probably the biggest place in the world for it. If you want the fastest cars in America to race on TV, then it'd be weird to not include racers from a place that is notoriously fast. Stand up!!!!! In 2020's Season 4 NPK races, you can see a whole schedule of the drag contests here. Valentine’s Day means big savings for everyone!! The 405 crew will be featured on a bunch of episodes for Discovery, and expect some of the newer episodes to debut in 2020. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. He wrote that he was in a very bad accident in a ‘very important race’ in Nebraska. A post shared by Street Outlaws (@stoutlaws) on Apr 30, 2020 at 9:26am PDT. J.J. Da Boss and Birdman are no slouches, either. “I need to give a huge shout out to Bob’s Pro-Fab and the Mandell’s for building me a chassis that saved my life,” he said. A press release announcing the new series explains what viewers should expect to watch on the first season: “Eight … Love said that he has not seen the car since the crash in person. Don't miss the new season of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, Monday, October 7 at 9pm ET / PT on Discovery Channel. Where's the 405 Crew on the Latest Season of 'Street Outlaws'? The copying, redistribution, or use of our publication by you of any such Content, is strictly prohibited.

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