Short Style in Fiction. All they manage to do is to carefully struggle with the details of life. Because of their nature, war and revolution often need intelligence more urgently than they need emotion. Regarding semantic shifts, of the 190 samples collected, 93 fall into the range of specification, taking up nearly a half of the total. “Elective Affinities” describes an extramarital affair. [9]  The beginning is written about the moon 30 years ago, while the end appears again. A talented Chinese-English translator, Zhang has translated her own novelette The Golden Cangue (Jin sou ji), inspired by the Dream of the Red Chamber, an eighteenth-century Chinese novel. In contrast, in Love in Redland political elements completely overwhelm artistic elements. It will not be difficult for the reader to figure out the action of a playboy like the character Ch'ang-pai, especially when he is on bad terms with his wife. Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 1991. In a reverse case, if the original rhetorical element is abandoned in the translation, the shift will fall into the range of "decrease of expressiveness." The second part was written in November, 2001 on the campus of the City University of Hong Kong. A shift from exotic style to natural style is called naturalization, and the other way round, exotization. The above statement, made in December 1944, shows how clearheaded Eileen was at the time. In The Sun Shines on the Sanggan River, a novel that won second place in the 1951 Stalin Prize for Literature and was praised as “artistically representing unprecedented changes in the Chinese countryside,” all the characters, positive and negative, are mere political signs. At the beginning of the story the moon functions not just as an image but also as a symbol, seen from the viewpoint of the authorial we. The supplemented word "having" has explicitated what is implied in the original. In the translation of Jinsuo Ji, two types of detail are liable to be omitted. The Golden Cangue was named as one of the Ten Best Performance Arts Programs at the Fifth Taishin Arts Awards. In addition, the transeme as comparative unit may result in extra syntactic shifts. Unfortunately, after the Rectification Campaign, her voice as an individualist and feminist became weaker and weaker and it was completely lost when she wrote The Sun Shines on the Sanggan River in 1948. 291-292. None Munday, Jeremy Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications. Programme brochures of the New Vision Arts Festival are available at URBTIX outlets or at the website . Fu Lei was an enthusiastic critic of the story,[1] while C. T. Hsia considered it "the greatest novelette in the history of Chinese literature".[2]. Since its inauguration, GuoGuang has been striving to retain the outstanding qualities of this traditional art form while forging new works in tandem with the times, particularly with the use of the modern theatre concepts. Olohan, M. and M. Baker "Reporting that in Translated English: Evidence for Subconscious Processes of Explicitation?." Heltal, Pál "Explicitation, Redundancy, Ellipsis and Translation," in Krisztina Károly and Ágota Fóris (eds.) The rest four elements, i.e. I like Eileen Chang’s works, but I do not want to create a myth about her. In this work, marriage is neither an ethical issue nor a social issue. London and New York: Routledge, 2001. In dealing with this problem, I am inclined to agree with Hugo that critics should refrain from comparing master writers because they are equally outstanding. When Ch’ang-an is forced to decide not to go to school, The description of the moon is: "Through the window the moon had come out of the clouds.

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