She knows there is strength in numbers and currently currently follows Randalls lead. Low attention span and quickness to boredom have gotten her into trouble time and again. His determination sparked some hope in 'Brittle-Bones' and has since then embraced looking at the wastes through the scope of a sniper rifle in order to protect those unable to protect themselves - and by such earned the nickname of 'Longbow'. Hover over a "?" June 28, 2014 in Pillars of Eternity: General Discussion (NO SPOILERS). I have to say it would be kind of nice to know what those options are because then I could plan out my character based on them. I have created many characters in Wasteland 2, but only written what I think is a proper story for 1 character.I know Pillars of Eternity will have some sort of banter early-game that creates your characters backstory so maybe this idea isn't entirely actual for Eternity, but I wanted to throw the ball here as well as I think it's a valuable addition... just in case it works.It's an "Easily Implementable Idea" as well.I think it is something to consider... what do you think? Yes, you're trolling and it's not appreciated by myself and by a lot of people on this board. The question is... is it something that will be refered to later or is it just for flavor? That's the way Wasteland 2 combat system works. Where Shion is cold and distant, Mei is bubbly and trusting. It's just not as accessible nor very incentive... Obsidian could, of course, maybe do something even simpler and give the Player an incentive to research the world, maybe by referring to a Manual Page in the Character Creation or something. However, with the release of the Director's Cut I've remade my team and given them some background. Appearance, name, clothes etc.). In general I am not a big fan of game options that do not do anything in the game though. As things went south, in the blink of an eye the bandits laid face-down in the dust. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. During a botched raid on a homestead Randall seized the opportunity to kill his owner and earned his freedom. Also many times the game will place you in a situation with no choices your "idealized" character would actually make. So during character creation, as you mentioned, you would need some pointers as this is a new IP and we don't know enough about the game world to necessarily make the right decisions about where we are from and what this means, Also as Death Machine mentioned this will help shape certain decisions if you adhere to a RP principle but I don't think this would only apply to hardcore RP. Ok then'  I just cannot get too married to a character concept before I actually play. Skills...Shotguns,safecracking and alarm expert, smart-ass, weaponsmithing, Gale Robertson a 48 year old woman- Not a lot can be said about Gale, wears a hood and bandanna on her face, doesn't talk much and keeps a gold locket around her neck at all times. The resulting biography is written in free text rather than confined to tables and charts. He and Maria formed a bond and have been inseparable since. I didn't know them and therefor didn't care for them, and ultimately, this made it boring for me. Use a piece of paper, write your custom backstory on that, and stick it on the wall by your monitor. LARPing while playing video games may be going a little too far for me. No? Hiro & Bruce: There's a private message section where you two love birds can engage more intimately with one another. This is ideal for quick inspiration or for creating portfolio's of minor characters for later work. Hi!So I got Wasteland 2 from Steam and absolutely loving it. Look how supportive you are when it comes to Romance in RPG and that involves RP within the game as the relationship is a virtual one? Then a character biography is a great tool and help to achieve this. Almost dangerously trusting. Pillars of Eternity: General Discussion (NO SPOILERS), Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named, Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach. He used his quick thinking and ability to manipulate others to protect himself and the other slaves from the Bandit masters. For example I generally play a Chaotic Good type personality who believes in doing the right thing but also considers the financial benefit to quests and decisions, And I'm not trolling, I'm having some fun at your expense. I mean, obviously I have nothing against a customisable backstory, but if you're talking about something that exclusively occurs in your head, does it really need a text file in the game?   Pasted as rich text. Yet. Everything has it's place in the world and Shion's is on the other end of a sniper … They had a backstory but you could write your own. Being arm deep in the inside of an engine is her idea of relaxation. Now you're a troll and a liar? Stop lying. It sounds really great and I believe it will be a great mechanic. He spent several years wandering the wastelands as a trader and gambler. These two strangers were 'Vance Kirkwall' and 'Longbow'. Here's what I'm going with: Screenshot of the characters. For instance, you read the descriptive box and read about the lands to the east, then you can parallely look up the world map (close at hand) to also get an idea where your character comes from. With CI = 15, most of the times your Ranger does 2 What she did know was that these two men were the two people she had met in years that showed any actual potential and any hope of survival. For me it would be good to use a fair ammount of some small premade backstories to choose from, describing who you were before the game starts and from where you come from. Wasteland 2 has a very nice chargen, there's lots of pieces you can put together to create the character. Osvir, As a boy Ahkmed had many chores cleaning floors and fixing machines in his fathers stores.

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