Diary of a Wimpy Kid German (Not an exact translated copy of this wiki), Characters who appeared in the online book, Characters who appeared in The Third Wheel, Characters who appeared in The Ugly Truth, Characters who appeared in The Last Straw, Characters who appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Characters who appeared in The Long Haul (Flim), Characters who appeared in the Movie Diary, Characters who appeared in the Do-It-Yourself Book, Characters who appeared in Rodrick Rules (Film), Characters who appeared in Dog Days (Film), Characters who appeared in Diary of Greg Heffley's Best Friend, https://diary-of-a-wimpy-kid.fandom.com/wiki/Rodrick_Heffley?oldid=157715. Rodrick is based on Jeff Kinney's older brother named Scott Kinney. When Greg was young, Rodrick liked to mess with his head. Bis es allerdings so weit ist, hat Greg anderes zu tun. He is constantly bullied by his brother Rodrick Heffley and schoolgirl Patty Farell. He also appears later being punished for letting Manny bring a magazine for adults to show and tell. Der Autor selbst bezeichnet sein Werk als Comic-Roman, traditioneller Text wird in den Büchern mit Comiczeichnungen gemischt. He's a junior in high school. Rodrick is extremely lazy when it comes to school, and that explains where Greg gets his laziness. In the online version, however, Rodrick got no ribbons for his science project. Seine Karriere im Filmgeschäft begann 2006 mit einem Auftritt in der Fernsehserie All of Us. Tatsächlich ist er in vielerlei Hinsicht so, wie ich als Kind war. Wer die erfolgreiche Kinderbuchreihe schon kennt, kann sich allerdings. In Rodrick's online and book version appearance, his head is completely round except for the part around his eyes. Another lie was that the toilet seat was only used for girls. Humiliate Greg (formerly).Get Löded Diper signed up with a record label. However, as Rodrick can frequently be a jerk to Greg while also manipulating their parents and other grownups, sometimes, but rarely, are his actions justified. rodrick heffley steckbrief. Rodrick did terribly back in elementary and middle school. In the film however, his room was in the attic. He is usually seen frowning, although he has smiled on other occasions. In the most recent ones, he is 14 or 15. September 28, 1991. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mrs. Heffley sees Manny reading said magazine which has a picture of a girl with a bikini on the cover. In The Long Haul, he thought a safe is a microwave and bacon comes from pigs in the same way that eggs from chickens. Gregs tagebuch 1 steckbrief Gregs Tagebuch 1 Audi . When he first meets Heather, it appears that she is worse then he is. Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon) kommt in die 7. Human Vandalism SabotageAbuseDriving with expired regestrationDisturbance of peaceTrespassingFraud He also had a bad habit of falling asleep in the hot tub and once Susan forgot to wake him up, resulting in his skin looking like a prune for two weeks during which his high school did their yearbook photos. His eyebrows appear to be thick and bushy, colored only black. Once he told Greg that if someone wears camouflage, they are invisible to everyone else. Film: Gregs Tagebuch - Böse Falle! Rodrick shows up and threatens to literally kill Greg and chases him into his room. Klassischer Editor Versionen Kommentare (29) Teilen. Würden Sie ihn dennoch gern adoptieren? Gregs Tagebuch Filmreihe / Gregs Tagebuch 2 - Gibt's Dann ist da auch noch die neue Schülerin Holly Als er dort dann auch noch Holly Hills trifft, Die Story zu. SURPRISE!!! Fitting with Rodrick's antagonistic behavior, however, he always looks angry due to him having eyebrows all the time. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Greg Heffley sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Greg buys that paper and flunks it. Seinen Eltern behandeln ihn wie den Kaiser von China, was Greg und Rodrick das leben schwermacht. Evil-doer In the fourth movie, Rodrick goes along with the rest of his family on their road trip. In a flashback, since Greg and Rodrick were telling Susan wrongdoings, she decided to come up with a plan called the "Tattle Turtle". Rodrick's science project and his grades for his SAT exams have not yet been revealed so far, though there is a possibility it may come in future books. Although Rodrick is portrayed in this manner, he is actually quite manipulative and intelligent in manipulating other people. Name Gregory "Greg" Heffley Bubby (Manny) Stupid (Rodrick, in Rodrick Rules) Sweetie (Susan) Ploopy (Manny and Rodrick) Garg (Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure) Age 11-14 Gender Actor Zachary Gordon (2010-2012) 1 Jason Drucker (2017) Film Appearance? Like Greg, it is explained that Rodrick has no actual talents, is only good at a few things, namely rock music, and spends most of his time on it, which deters him away from schoolwork. They are forced to stay with their grandpa, and after Greg writes in his diary of encountering Holly after she gives positive feelings for him on how to deal with an annoying sibling, Rodrick reads it out loud when Greg was sleeping in the morning. After the horrible church day of Greg calling Manny a "Ploopy", Rodrick decided to split the word "Ploopy" into three days so he can call Greg that. Rodrick also has a tattoo with the name of his band as shown in the film and in The Last Straw (However, it was blurred in the film by water, showing that it must be removable or Henna). (Bastei Lübbe/Baumhaus) geht es ab in den Urlaub. Greg convinces Rodrick to keep it secret, telling him that there's a rock band video game tournament. Greg came up with this thing in which is called "Three Strikes and You're Out" for Rodrick so he can be a better person. Goals In the books, he has a perfectly round head and his hair is spiky. Jeff Kinney. Greg once believed that if you put money in the ground, it will grow into a money tree. In den Geschichten finden viele Leser ihren Alltag wieder und identifizieren sich daher gern mit Greg und seinen Erlebnissen. Klasse der Highschool, und eigentlich läuft es momentan ganz gut für ihn... (Foto: 20th Century Fox Greg Heffley ist wieder da: In Gregs Tagebuch 12 - Und tschüss! Mit unserem Preisvergleich sparen ; Abholung im Markt oder Lieferung nach Hause. Rodrick manages to do so and decides to give him back the tape with Greg running around the retirement center in his underwear. Fitting with his love for heavy metal music, Rodrick is the lead drummer of a band called “Löded Diper”, a metal band. ich bin Karim (krimo1) und einer meiner GRÖßTEN Träume war es in die Pandabande aufgenommen zu werden! A summer later, Rodrick and his friends were going camping overnight looking for concert tickets during that time they meet Bill Walter Rodrick became friends with him and looked up to him because in high school he was voted "Most Likely To Be A Rock Star". Feature films. Playing the role of Rodrick Heffley in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series. Age 17. Er glaubt, dass er eines. He taught Greg Heffley on how to resist ever telling their parents about the party Rodrick threw when their parents were on vacation similar to the book. Außerdem ist er süchtig nach Süßigkeiten und interessiert sich sehr für den amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg. Rodrick has manipulated other characters do certain things on several occasions. He's a junior in high school. Its lead singer is a man whom Rodrick's parents are afraid he will become like: Bill Walter, a 35-year-old high school drop out who is unemployed and still lives with hi… Portrayed by Greg tells Rodrick to take a video of him meeting Mac Digby, but their plans are foiled when their mother steps in to escort them. He also thinks you can get bacon from pigs the same way eggs come from chickens. Origin Greg Heffley (brother), Manny Heffley (brother), Susan Heffley (mother), Frank Heffley (Father), Diary of a Wimpy Kids: Dog Days (2012)Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2011)Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever (Future Release). First Film. He often serves as an antagonist but serves as the deuteragonist in the film version of Rodrick Rules. Er ist meistens relativ schlecht gelaunt. Age 17. SabotageAbuseDriving with expired regestrationDisturbance of peaceTrespassingFraud. Blöderweise hat sein großer Bruder Rodrick seine Aufzeichnungen gefunden und damit ein großes Geheimnis aufgedeckt, das eigentlich niemand erfahren sollte. He would much rather sleep over doing anything else. Rodrick Heffley attended Westmore Middle School and became friends with Chris and Ward. Mit « Gregs Tagebuch 6 - Keine Panik » veröffentlich Autor Jeff Kinney weitere spannenden Geschichten von Greg und Co Greg Heffley ist die Hauptperson aus allen Gregs Tagebuch-Büchern. It is currently under renovation. Background information Rodrick Heffley is Greg’s and Manny's older brother. In the theatrical motion picture version of Rodrick Rules, he starts out as a villain as in the first movie and spends the majority of the movie in that capacity, but later is the anti-heroic deuteragonist and full-fledged hero as he changes into a more mature character as the movie progresses. Vergleiche & finde günstige Preise. Male ♂ Species. 15 pages later, Greg is saying that Rodrick has a band named Loded Diper and he likes to play heavy metal music, which Susan does not mind. https://characters.fandom.com/wiki/Rodrick_Heffley?oldid=144202. Greg wakes up but is only wearing his underwear. Greg told his whole preschool class, which caused a big stir. In The Long Haul, he has pasty skin, with brown eyes and a black bob cut. In the movie, it shows that he spells door as d-o-r-e. 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